Crossing over into Blog Land. Don’t eat me!


Hi.  I’m Sophia.  I’m 34.  I am many things and I wear many hats.  I mainly wear a mother hat and a wife hat.  I also wear a teacher hat when I am not at home.  At the moment my teacher hat is on the hatstand because I am taking leave with a wee baby at home named Theo, he is the light of our lives and is 6 months old.  I also have an older son, Kai and step-son Jai.  Yes, 3 boys.  And my husband, Dave makes 4.  Say no more.

Jai, Theo and Kai with Dave in the back.


I didn’t think it would feel quite so weird writing my first post.  But it is.  Super weird.  I’m not sure why exactly, blogging really is just an extension of what I have been doing all my life.

Recently, I opened my hallway cupboard to look for some wrapping paper.  When I tried to pull it out, I inadvertently started an avalanche of all things junk-cupboardy.  I’m talking books, electrical cords, broken board games with missing pieces, a George Foreman Grill for 1 (a wedding present – pretty sure there are usually 2 people in a marriage), scrapbooking supplies, photos, old school projects (The kids not mine.  Mine are probably still in a junk-cupboard at my parents), gift bags, rubbish, crap, crap and more crap came pouring out cartoon style.  Yes, it really happened, I kid you not.  Needless to say, I took this as a sign it was time to clean out the closet.

I found, way in the back, an old box I’ve been carting around since I first left home.  It was full of old letters and diaries from my childhood.  Let me treat you to some of my early literary genius, spelling errors and all.


30/12/89  (12 years old)
Dear Diary,
Tomorrow is New Years Eve.  I am going to Stacey’s house for a barbieQ and we are going to play spotlight.  Today I went skating with Jodi and Stacey and the other Jodie was there.  It was really fun.  Today Stacey rang me up and said that Mark was about to ring me up because she gave him my phone no.  He rang me up and asked to go with him and I didn’t answer and he kept talking so he dosn’t know if I will or not but if he askes again I will say yes.  He is really nice.  He’s 11 years old, and says sorry.  I am totally amased at that.
Love Soph

4/06/90  (12 years old)
Dear Diary,
Dmitri is a pain in the backside because he wont let me hang around with him and he winded me today just because I was their and put my fingers on his back and pushed them in just a little bit.  Far out, what a pain.  I hate his guts so much.
Love Soph

28/09/91  (14 years old)
Dear Diary
Hi Dude! Guess what?  Today is my birthday!  This is what I got – a tape from Tammy and a silver locket from Mel and as well as a little box thing from Mel as well.  I didn’t get anything from my folks, I think that sucks.  Well anyway this is what happened lately.  Well on Wednesday, Melinda came over and that night I sleapt at Melanie’s and we went into Surface Paradise and went to Macas and we walked past these 3 guys and they go – ‘you better not dress like that or we will attack you’.  It was so funny.  Then we got some of those photo things and when we came out the 3 guys were still watching us so we went straight to Ocean Blue Resort to wait for Mel’s mum and we met these guys.  The first one we mets name was Brian and he was a real asshole cause he thought he was so hot and he felt my ass and I turned around and said ‘EXCUSE ME!’ and I said ‘lets go now’ to Mel and we walked off and he’s going ‘I just want to talk to you, wait’ so I stopped and he goes ‘why won’t you give me a chance? You’re so hot!’  I said ‘I KNOW I AM!’ and Mel was making me crack up.  Then we were saying how I was going out with Scott and he’s really big and would bash his head in if he found out he tried to crack on to me and then we ran off.  It was so funny.
Love Soph


As you can see I was quite the Queen of the Run-On-Sentences, and a little bit of a tart!

My diaries were also full of the following – I love Scott/Trevor/Cameron/Gavin/James/Chris/Nathan…………insert random name here _____.  Quite a few of the old, I hate life! and Life sux! and I hate my parents!  Why are they so mean to me?!?!  Oh, and I hate my Brotherrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

So aside from my early beginnings of diary keeping, I moved on to scrapbooking, then online journaling within a forum but felt compelled to begin a blog and share my witty repartee with the world.  Yes, I think I’m witty.  Sometimes.  Other times I’m just a little bit awkward.

Well, I guess I’ve done it now.  I’ve written my first post!  Now what happens?

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  1. What a fun lay out Soph! I can’t believe you took me seriously with the blog name – I thought I had crossed a line with that suggestion !! I’m so glad you are doing this. Your musings are always amusing. And my tweenage journal entries were pretty much identical to yours. Except I had lots of unicorn drawings in mine.

  2. Soph! I’m a huge fan of your musings and can’t wait to read more! You have to incorporate some poop stories here, for sure. Love the image of all your boys!

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