‘You need to be more punchy.’ I’d like to punch you in the nuts. Is that punchy enough?


Let me paint a picture for you.  Close your eyes and visualise the following scene.  Actually don’t close your eyes because you won’t be able to read.  PRETEND your closing your eyes while I bring you back to last night in my house.


I have just finished my first post and am feeling rather chuffed with myself and excited about entering Blog Land.  D comes home and is surprised to see me still up.  I’m all like, ‘Hey check this out, I’ve started my blog.  Look at my first post.  It’s freaking awesome!’

And he’s all like, after skimming the first paragraph, ‘It’s a bit boring. Hi, I’m Sophia. I’m 34.  You need to be a bit more punchy.  Jazz it up a bit.  Make it, you know, punchier.’

I urge him to actually read my post, but he continues to tell me how I should make it exciting, and that I could have an app on my phone where I could jot down ideas when I thought of them for the blog.  Already got one, thanks for the suggestion Love.  Then he says, ‘You could download this voice recorder app like I have and when you have a punchy idea you can just record it and type it up later!’  Pats himself on the back.


And this my new friends, is the soundbyte of D demonstrating the voice recorder and giving his example of ‘something punchy’.  Brace yourselves, it’s going to rock your world.  Here it is.

Wasn’t that amazing?

So thank you, my dear sweet husband, your suggestion is duly noted.  I will endeavour to only write posts with a certain amount of punch.  I’m not entirely sure that I’ll be able to make the distinction between a punchy idea and a punch in the groin, so if my fist should somehow find your face/nuts/stomach in the process, you only have yourself to blame.

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  1. Now your blog is a multimedia experience! Next thing you know you’ll have video entries, or vlogs. Woah!

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