Mass Magic Milestones. I warned you they were coming. It’s going to be long.


Okies.  I said this post would be on it’s way.  Well, it’s here – da da daaa!!!!  Welcome to a quick flashback of the last 6 months of my life.  Warning – mad labour woman and boob feeding pictures coming up.

I go into labour in the wee early morning hours on December 21st 2011.  Little Baby Bear was born at 11:27pm by emergency caesarean.  If you are lucky I’ll treat you to his crazy-time birth story later.

This is me after about 16 hours of hard labour. It took all my energy to not flip D the bird taking this photo. I warned you – tragic.

Looking pretty happy with ourselves.  We made him.

My first breastfeed whilst still in recovery.  I absolutely love breastfeeding, this really was a magical moment for me.

This is the tasteful version of ‘the first breastfeed’. Is much as I’d like to post a beautiful picture of T on breast, I think I will keep those for my personal collection. Scary wild woman hair and 6 chins.

K and J have their first cuddles.   1 day old.

Jai and Bear

Kai and Bear

T comes home.  3 days old – 24th December, Christmas Eve.

Carried over the threshold. Yes, that is Red Rooster you can see in the foreground. I made D stop and get me some food on the way home from the hospital.

T’s first Christmas.  4 days old.

My Christmas Miracle. Theodorable.

First Smiles.  4 weeks old.

Look at those chubby cheeks!

First time grasping a toy, even though we think it was a complete fluke.  It still counts.  6 weeks.

T says, ‘I have no idea what I’ve done, but Mummy, you obviously think it’s something special.’

Sitting with support, what a clever little muffin.  8 weeks.

‘I’m adorable, and I know it.’

First swim.  Do you count this first one as the one that they actually enjoy, or just the first time they get wet?  I am going with the first time he gets wet.  Did not like.  9 weeks.

‘Mummy, get me the hell out of here, you evil witch!’

He starts cooing.  2 and a half months.

He starts lifting his head up in tummy time and not crying about it.  10 weeks.

Deer caught in the headlights.

Starts consistently sleeping through the night.  10 weeks.  Don’t be a hater, this all went to shit sometime between 4 and 6 months for many reasons, and is only now finally getting back on track.

If you wake the baby, I’ll kill you!

Begins to transition out of his swaddle.  14 weeks.

Seriously, I’ll kill you dead.

Actually enjoying a swim 🙂 15 weeks.

So damn cute it kills me.

T starts rolling over.  He was pretty slow to start off and it took a few more weeks to be able to roll the other way but now he is a rolling machine.  4 months old.

Really begins to laugh in earnest.  4 and a half months.

First jump in a Jolly Jumper.  These things are awesome.  4 and a half months.

Sleeps on tummy happily without waking up all freaked out, after rolling in his sleep and not being able to get back.  5 and a half months.

Sleeping with butt up in the air.

T becomes acquainted with his new walker.  5 and a half months.

And last, but certainly not least, T begins solid food (and solid poo-d).  5 months, 3 weeks.

And that pretty much gets us up to date.  Thank you for sticking with me.  Coming to a Magical Milestone soon will be sitting unaided but we are not quite there yet.  I’d love to hear of any important milestones anyone thinks I may have missed.  I am sure that are some that I’ve missed out.

Peace out.

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