Mumma Bear feeds her Baby Bear.


D does 99% of all the cooking in our house.  It’s not that I can’t cook.  I can.  It’s not even that I don’t like to cook.  I do.  It’s mostly that pretty much all of my attempts at cooking a beautiful elaborate meal for my husband (the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and all that jazz) went down like a lead balloon.  I kind of like healthier and more gourmet food than D with lots of vegetables; and interesting veges too – not just potato and carrot, so my meals have always resulted in something to bitch and moan about.

‘Oh, this souffle is too… fluffy.’

‘I’m not too sure about this cheese stuff, what is this ‘ricotta’ you speak of?’

‘I fucking hate cous cous.’

‘Seriously Soph, broad beans?  Are you mad?’


Actually, I think our cooking arrangement just seemed to happen because I was working out of the house more hours than he was.  We are both teachers, but his school is close to home and mine was a commute, so I left pretty early and usually got home later exhausted.  Quite frankly, it works for us.  I love not having to cook and he likes to do the cooking.


I do however, really REALLY enjoy cooking for my littlest doodle.  Now that I am at home, I have time during the day to prepare food for him.  It’s been a month since we introduced solids and he is now eating like a champ.  I weighed up my options very carefully between going down the traditional weaning route or the baby-led weaning route and decided to find a middle ground and have settled on Theo-led Weaning.

The principles of Theo-led Weaning are simple.  Feed baby yummy food by spoon and offer some type of finger food with each meal.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  He is really good with eating food from the spoon and it perfectly capable of munching on lumpy bumpy foods no problem.  He is not that keen on finger foods yet, even though I keep on offering them.  He’ll get there.  He’s a champ.

I kind of feel like cooking T yummy food lovingly prepared by me is an extension of my breastfeeding him.  I feed him my delicious milk, which is lovingly made by my body and then I also feed him scrumptious food lovingly made by my hands.  OK, don’t get all technical on me.  I don’t actually grow my own food or any of that nonsense, but I DO physically go into the shop and BUY it myself and that totally counts.

I do the whole ‘make batches of food and freeze them in portions’ business.  I’ve got heaps of meals in my freezer at the moment, it’s great.  Beef casserole, assortments of vegetables and fruits, creamy porridge, chicken and three veg.  All yum, yum, yum.


I made two super easy meals today that the T Bear loved for lunch and dinner.

Pears and Blueberries for lunch with yogurt.  Mouth-watering!

This really is the easiest in the world to prepare. Just peel and chop your pears and chuck them in the pot with a heap of frozen blueberries.

No need for water as the pears contain plenty.  See?

Simmer until it is all soft and squishy and you are done! How easy was that?

Pour your concoction into your $20 Kmart bullet blender. If you don’t have one, you need one. That thing is da bomb! Blend that bitch up.

If it is really runny you can thicken it with some rice cereal, but that will depend on how juicy your pears are and how runny/thick you want it. Pour it into your containers and freeze. Now sit back and enjoy a cuppa.

I feel I need to share one of my favourite things with you.  That long boat looking thing with the green lid on the right is dead set, hands down the BEST thing I have bought in regards to feeding T.  I freaking love them.  They are called Qubies and are basically super cool ice cube trays, but awesome.  Perfect size for food portions.  T started off eating 1 cube (30ml), then 2, and now he eats 3 cubes a meal.  Once I freeze meals, I turn them out into clip-seal plastic bags and mix and match for dinner.  They are so easy to use, nothing gets spilled and they look good.  I like pretty things.  I wish they had pink when I bought mine.  Once I’m done using them for baby food, I’ll keep them busy with cocktail making frozen supplies.  The only thing I regret about my Qubies, is that I didn’t buy more of them.  2 isn’t enough, I wish I had 4.  That way, I could cook up more food and not have to cook, freeze, turn out and bag, cook some more, freeze.  Only 20 bucks a pop, money well spent.  You’re welcome.

And now, what you really want to know.  Did T like it?  Of course he did.  I added some natural set-in-pot style yogurt and he gobbled it up.  You could feed it on it’s own or with porridge.  T loves yogurt.

Mummy, you’re awesome.

I ate it all.


I feel like I have posted way too many photos and really, probably no-one is interested in this shit anyway.  I did also cook up a batch of Tuna, Potatoes and Greens today that the little doodle ate for dinner and LOVED.  If anyone is interested I will share.  Seriously, if ONE person comments that they would like to see how I made T’s dinner I’ll show you, but also feel free to tell me to keep it to myself if you’d rather slit your wrists than see a baby food tutorial.  I’m still a noob with all this blog stuff.  I’m just write what I feel, baby.  Today I spent a lot of time in the kitchen so tonight I am feeling like a cook.  If ANYONE EVER follows this recipe (if you can even call it that) pleeeeeeease let me know, that would be unreal.  I’ll love you long time.

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