T sits up by himself for like, ages! Totes a Magical Milestone.


It seems like T and I have been practicing this sitting up malarkey forever.  And when I say practicing, what I really mean is T and I sit down together, I put him in a sitting position and he continuously topples over.  I catch him and we start all over again.  He is pretty good at balancing sitting on my lap, but on the floor – not so great.  I sit him in a Bumbo sometimes, but he gets frustrated because he’ll drop whatever he is playing with then just wants to get out of the frigging seat to get it again and it’s too high!  Bumbo fail.

I have one of those donut ring things, where you blow up the ring and they sit in it.  I have to say, it has finally come into it’s own.  When T was a wee thing we just laid him in there to watch the world go by (watch me fold washing) and he did some tummy time hanging over the edge in it too.

Now that he is bigger and playing with everything he can get his fat little fingers on, I pop him in the donut and he wobbles all over the place, but when he falls over, he just bounces back up again!  He’s like one of those blow-up clowns with a weight in the bottom that you punch in the face and he keeps on bopping back up for another flogging.

With all of this practice, he was still unable to sit by himself for anything longer than a few seconds.  But today he did it.  He did it real good.  He did it for a looooong time.  He did it not once, not twice, but many times.

I found out the secret babies of this age are keeping.  These little boys and girls are sneaky little boogers.  I think T has been able to sit for a long time, all he wanted was to get his mum to buy him a NEW TOY.  Yep, all you mummies out there with wobbly babies, go out and buy them a kick-ass new toy to play with!

Here is my rapscallion with his new toy showing off his mad sitting unaided skills.  6 months, 3 weeks.

Mummy, look at me! I could do this all along, I was just bored at bat shit with all my other toys. Sucker.

Alright T, I’m onto you now buddy.  You may have won this round, but next time… just you wait…

Let’s face it, you’ll win every round.  I may as well admit defeat now.

Next time I’ll buy you a toy that is blow-your-mind-awesome.

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