This one is a tribute to D (and my iPhone).


D has been super star supportive of my entering Blog Land.  He has managed to not get too jealous of the time I am spending on the computer and has been excited in a teasy sort of way for me when I reached 100, 200, 500 page views, even though he thinks 99% of those views belong to me checking in to see my blog stats.  He even designed a logo for my Facebook page, complete with a hidden doodle.  He is totally unicorn awesome and the best husband in the world.

Supportive of my endeavours yes, but up until recently I didn’t think he was all that interested in my ramblings.  It seems that he has been quietly reading my posts and I’m sure having a little chuckle when everyone has gone to bed, but I’ll get back to this later.

Some background on D.  D hates having his photo taken.


He doesn’t really like it too much when I post pictures of him on Facebook, I’m not allowed to tag him.  He says he even hates our wedding photos on the wall because he looks goofy.  He does not – very sexy.  I’d root him.  I thought I understood where he stood on his privacy and had tried to respect that by not posting a gazillion pictures of him in this blog and also by not talking about him too much as I didn’t think he’d be comfortable with that.  That being said though, he is a doodle in my house and therefore the blog wouldn’t be FOUR doodles if he didn’t feature, and three doodles just doesn’t have the same ring.

Well, back to the above-mentioned point.  The morning after I posted about Cooking Food for T, I greeted D with a good morning and a kiss to which he responded by letting me know that he was feeling a little bit dejected.  He’d been reading my recent post and was a tad offended by my little digs on his unsophisticated taste buds.  Of course he then had to admit that he had been reading my blog.  We had a giggle and all was well in the world.

The next day I take K to the science convention and blog about our Shit for Brains conversation on the way home.  D did not feature.  You would think he would be pleased about that, but no.  Poor D again felt all dispirited, this time not because I had teased him, but because I left him out!  Honestly.  What’s a girl to do?  So I have come to the conclusion that as long as I don’t post really, really bad photos or tell really, really personal stuff I am in the clear to talk about whatever the hell I want.  D secretly likes to be the centre of attention despite threatening me with the following:

Blog about me Woman, and I’ll stick this chicken bone up your clacka!

*Disclaimer: D did not say that.  I just wanted to use the photo.  My bad.

What I am really trying to say is that my husband rocks.  He is the funniest person I know and he makes my life better.  He never ceases to amaze me and I am so happy he’s mine.  Simply put, I adore him.


I also am in love with my new iPhone.  I decided to be all cool and shit 2 years ago and got myself a HTC.  I wanted an iPhone but the dicks at *unnamed tel-co* were obviously  getting commissions on the HTCs and I fell for it hook line and sinker.  Granted it was an OK phone and it did have features that I really liked, but even those feature were not enough to outweigh the very limited phone memory and lack of coolness.  Basically, I was just waiting until my contract was up so I could upgrade.

Yesterday was that day.  I am now the owner of a shiny new white iPhone.  My first piece of iEquipment.  I am such an iNoob.  You know how when you go to the Apple Store and the salespeople all clap and cheer whenever someone leaves who has just purchased their first Apple product?  Well I made it perfectly clear to the chap helping me that it was MY first Apple product and I was expecting a clap.  I even practiced my curtsy.  Dammit, I wanted my 2 seconds of fame.  Apple guy hands me my Apple bag with my swanky new phone, says see you later, I go to walk out expecting my clap…  crickets… nothing… nadda.  Well fuck you Apple dude!  If I ever see you doing anything clap worthy, I’ll tell you what I’ll do – not clap, that’s what.  See how you’ll like it.  Meanie.

So I have this phone, it’s pretty awesome, I have no freaking idea what to do with it.  I need someone to tell me what all the bomb diggety apps are.  Suggestions?  You know what the hardest part about getting this phone has been?  Choosing what case to buy from eBay.  Go figure.


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  1. clap! clap! clap! I’m stoked because we can iMessage (text between iPhones) for free : ) That’s some kinky shit with the chicken bone.

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