The smell. Oh, the smell! Time to formulate a new plan methinks.


Solid food poos are stinking T’s room up to hell and back.  We have a small step-pedal bin that gets emptied daily, but even so, every time I drop a nappy in, poo or no poo, the stench of death is wafted around the room and dances all up under my grill.  It’s enough to make my nose bleed and eyes water, and a little tiny bit of vomit burn the back of my throat.  My gawd, it’s like something crawled up T’s butt and died and no amount of roses/geranium/lavender/jasmine air freshener is going to mask that shit.

I’ve been seriously thinking about it quite some time now and always dismissed it because of my tenancy to be a lazy bitch, but man, I can’t deal with the smell!  I’m talking about cloth nappies.  I am really, really, really, almost about to, really considering buying some.  Am I mad?  Here are my apprehensions.


1.  If I cannot find the bottom of the washing I already have in my clothes basket will I be able to cope with more?  I’m sure if I ever do make it to the bottom, I’ll find some sequined hot pants (so teeny weeny they will only fit up to my ankles) or a hypercolour t-shirt that has been stashed down there since the beginning of time.  T’s clothes are actually the only ones that get washed on a regular basis.  They are so cute I keep them separate and special.

This ‘could’ be my washing pile.


2.  He is already 7 months old, I’ve already spent a small fortune on nappies.  Is it really worth the huge expense to buy a set of cloths now?  The initial outlay will burn a massive hole in my pocket.  To really reap the savings cloth offer would I have been better off to use them from the start?


3.  Most of the pants T owns are too skinny on the bum to accommodate the extra bulk.  I’d have to buy him a heap of new clothes.  This could also be seen as a positive because it would be like a free pass to shop, and Mumma Bear loves to shop.  Those roomie pants are so darn cute!  Cuteness aside, new clothes add to the expense.


4.  It’s not just the cost of the nappies, but everything else!  Liners, washing detergent, wet bags, wipes, this, that, the other, and then probably even more stuff I’ll only discover I need once I start using them!


5.  They can be so adorable how could I ever choose which ones to get?  As a Libra, decisions overwhelm me.

I could die from the cuteness


6.  Are wipes flushable?  The whole point of this is to eliminate the smell, and save money and the environment and all that jazz, but really – get rid of the stink fest.  So I like the idea that now T does solid poos I can contain it all in a flushable liner and chuck it in the loo.  Good bye poo.  Hello sweet smelling bin.  But can you flush wipes as well?  Kind of defeats the purpose if you then need to put shitty wipes in the sweet smelling bin.  I know you can get reusable wipes but putting poo wipes in the washing machine kinda grosses me out.


7.  I’m time poor.  I’m lazy.  The last thing I want to do when I have finished doing all the crap I need to do is more work!


All that aside, I love how they look (pretty things make me happy) and summer will be upon us soon.  Nothing like a cute little tushie in a cute nappy running around.  OMG, I just realised T will be running around come summertime!  I would LOVE to save some dollars.  Then I would have an excuse to buy something for meeeeeeeee.  And something, not sure what it is, is compelling me to do this.  Maybe I really do want to make the world a better place.  So my kiddies and their kiddies can be free to frolic in the daisies and dance with the fairies in a pollution free planet.

How about a little cliche for you 🙂


I am so lost in the cloth nappy world.  Are all cloth nappies created equal?  What I don’t want to do is keep on researching this until T is 5 and go, ‘whoops, guess we won’t be needing these after all.  Darn it, could have saved a bundle.  You don’t really want to go to university do you T? The college fund is dry.’

Any tips, tricks, words of advice are welcome and much appreciated.  All this thinking has given me a massive headache.  Brain needs rest now.

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  1. Research and buy one of different kinds! I have a tiny stash and in the end, I’m too lazy to cloth. We walk the nappies straight to the wheelie bin contained within an orange poo bag. BUT if I was doing cloth, I’d start with pockets 🙂 PM me one time for a chat….

      • Haha I also just throw the nappy out the front door or at the front door and let dear hubby take it out.. As long as the dog doesn’t get to it first it’s all good. Mr 3yo also likes to drop it in the wheelie bin.

        One thing I couldn’t handle was the breastfed poos.. he didn’t eat solids for a long time so of course his poo wasn’t solid.. makes it hard to “roll off” if it’s mushy and gooey.. I thought of getting those water squirter thingies installed at the toilet but then it was “which toilet do I pick?” and then it’s just a temptation for the bigger boys..

        And another thing, if you go cloth and return to work, will the caregiver also use cloth.. I know ours wouldn’t because it’s too much extra work for them. It was a small trial getting her to use different wipes, which I supplied cos she used Huggies brand and they don’t agree with Mr 3yos sensitive bum. It’s Curash, J&J or Coles for him. But she must’ve decided they were good cos she started buying those too and told me I didn’t need to bring them in anymore.

        Cloth is a lot of work, I couldn’t keep up with using it 16+ years ago with the first baby and I was alot younger then!! As much as I like the idea of cloth’ing I don’t think Mr 3yo would have learnt to walk when he did with so much bulk between his legs hahahaha.

        I just bought a mega stash of Pampers from Deals Direct.. they had half price and $2 shipping which then became free on a coupon.. I’m hoping Mr 3yo will regain his interest in the big toilet when it’s warmer.

      • I’ve started wrapping the poo nappies in an orange nappy bag before going in the bin and that is helping a bit. I am still interested but am trying to be honest with myself and I am not sure I will manage. Still weighing my options, at the moment I am leaning towards buying a trial pack and just having a go and if all fails I will have a few cute ones for summer fun. When did R learn to walk?

      • So you weren’t using those orange nappy bags?? That is like a must have nursery item LOL It’s always better to roll off what you can into the toilet though but our wheelie still stinks. I’ve thought of getting those wheelie bin cleaners in every few months. R learned to walk around 11 months or so.. Get some samples and stuff.. I like the lady here she runs regular promotions and she’s on Facebook. I bought a bunch of Blueberry Training pants for Rhys.. so far he’s not interested in toilet training so I hope he doesn’t outgrow them!! She’s got some promotions till end of July, I’ll forward you her latest newsletter!!

  2. Soph, I went down the cloth nappy road when Gabriel was about 8 or 9 months old. I bought a whole kit (18 nappies, each with an insert and a booster) for $180 from the baby expo. It was a very good price at the time for what I got. I can’t remember the brand name, but they were very similar to the “Bamboo Baby” brand. they had velco tabs, snap buttons to adjust the size, an insert and a booster. I had grand ideas of saving the world and saving money at the same time. I found disposable nappy liners, which helped keep the inserts clean (so no poo actually got onto the nappy inserts) and therefore only really had the nappy inserts/boosters to wash + the outer cover (only needed washing once a day or if it happened to get soiled).
    My discoveries were:
    1. I had to wash them EVERY day. If I didn’t wash them every day then they reek. And I mean stale pee reek.
    2. I didn’t like washing them with the general washing which meant a separate load of washing EVERY day just for nappies.
    3. After washing and drying them, I liked to assemble them (insert the liners and boosters, line with a nappy liner and fold up ready to be used. Basically so that I had a completely ready supply – just like having a pack of disposable nappies on hand.
    4. It was a LOT of work.
    5. I gave up fairly soon, however because I had spent the money on them, I insisted on using them until I had saved $180 on disposable nappies just so that hubby wouldn’t give me shit about it. I worked out how long $180 would have lasted in disposable nappies and used the cloth ones for that length of time.
    6. From an environmental point of view, bear in mind the electricity costs and water usage, not to mention detergents involved in washing them (sometimes in a small load) every single day. I’m not convinced it is better for the environment, especially given that these days disposable nappies are not that bad (i.e. not plastic coated etc like in the past).

    I ended up selling mine to a friend who reckoned she loved them. Good on her. I don’t actually recall ever seeing her child wearing them, but anyways.

    My way to deal with the poo smell issue is to use a Nappy Bin. I have a Tommee Tippee one. I used to always buy the nappy wrapper bags to go in it when the babies were little and only breastfed, as their poo didn’t really smell much and the bags contained the smell well. However once they started solids and started doing “real” poos, I started just using shopping bags (just the plastic run of the mill grocery shopping bags) in the bin and only ever put “number 1” nappies in there. If there is a poo I take the nappy straight out to the wheelie bin. Ok, so no I don’t really do that, but I do throw them at the back door to take down to the wheelie bin next time I go outside. The bin I use in Ben’s room seems to contain any odours pretty well as there are only urine soaked nappies in there
    however I do soak the bin in a solution of disinfectant and water if it does get an odour in it – usually only after I accidentally put a poo nappy in it or after a few months of use of urine nappies.

    Anyways, I am no expert, but this system has worked for me with all 3 of my kids and is still working well. My house doesn’t reek of poo (unless they’ve just done it – the stinky little buggers) and Ben’s nursery never smells. Aside from my inability to deal with the stench that can come from nappy bins, I don’t want my bubba to have to sleep in a room that, quite frankly, smells like a dodgy public parent’s room. I know someone (no names being mentioned here) who has her baby’s nursery always smelly – it makes me wanna puke if I walk in there, goodness knows how her baby sleeps in there.

    So, there’s my bit of “user experience”.

    Maybe there is someone out there who completely disagrees with me and that is fine, but this is my experience/thoughts on the matter. Now its up to you to make up your own mind.


  3. Well… already know my thoughts about cloth nappies! They have been great for us.
    I have one size fits all pocket nappies, and we have washable liners as well.
    When we change a nappy, we just tip the poo off into the toilet, then rinse the nappy in the laundry sink and chuck it into a bucket (one with a lid) or into a soaking bucket if it needs a bit of a soak. We also use washable wipes as well so they just go into the bucket too.

    Yes, we do a wash every day – but we do a cold rinse with just the nappies then we chuck in other clothes and do a proper wash, so it’s not actually doing extra laundry. You use less detergent with cloth nappies anyway, as they only require a small amount of powder.

    Ok, so you have to fold them at night – but that doesn’t take that long, especially in front of the TV or something.

    I guess you just have to decide how much you want to do cloth…for me I really wanted to, as the financial and environmental benefits outweighed any extra work in my mind. So it feels really worth it to me.

    I could say much more but I won’t go on about it here….but if you are thinking about it I am happy to chat more!

    • See Amy, It’s stories like your that inspire me to want to be a better person and a better mummy 😉 I really want to do it, but I think what it comes down to is that I think I am scared to try and fail.

      • I don’t think you are a better mother if you use cloth! I just like it cos it fits with my way of seeing the world. I would say that it’s worth a try – there is no shame in trying it and deciding that you don’t want to continue. Or I know some people that do part-time cloth….lots of options. If you want to do it, totally give it a go and see…..
        We started off using a trail pack for a month – some places will hire out a pack of all sorts of different types of nappies, then you can try it out and see what type suit you, if any…maybe that would be a good way to go before you commit to buying your own?

      • I was just being cheeky!! I don’t really think cloth or disposables make one single iota difference to how awesome we are as mummies!!! That is what I am thinking of doing. Getting a few and trialing them, worst case scenario, I don’t like it and I’ve got some super cute nappies for summer days and haven’t spent too much. I didn’t realise there were hire options, will look into that!

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  5. Hi.

    I used cloth nappies for both of my children and absolutely *loved* them. I just couldn’t stand the thought of all the landfill with the disposables… and it worked out so much cheaper too. I think the kids had less nappy rashes with the clothies. I had used disposables when my first was tiny… only made the change when he was a few months old. I wondered whether this is due to the chemicals and gels in the disposables.

    I know everyone has different experiences, but mine really was a positive one. I bought 25 nappies and boosters and about 5 breathable pants (which were separate in the brand of Motherease I used), They’re totally cute too 🙂

    I didn’t think it was a whole lot of extra work at all… I just flushed the poos down the loo… I used disposable liners on washable boosters and nappies and then just chucked the nappies and boosters into the nappy bucket (which included a couple of drops of tea tree oil, which seems to mask any smells).

    I did an extra wash ever other day, which isn’t too bad considering I was doing about one wash per day of clothes for the kids anyway.

    Good luck with whatever you choose xx

    • Thanks Anna! I am loving the nappies so far. I only have 12 at the moment so am washing every night, but that is ok. When I get more it will be less of a work load but I quite like washing them and hanging them out actually. I feel a satisfaction when I step back and see them on the line 🙂

      I am having a bit of a nappy rash problem at the moment 😦 I’ve even tried a few days of disposables to try and get rid of it bit to no avail. I am now thinking it may be fungal and not just a rash which is why it won’t go. I’ll have my Dr. look at it on tues if it hasn’t gone. Doesn’t seem to worry my little bear though!

      I have to say, thank goodness for disposable liners! They sure help with the yucky factor!!!

      Thanks for your input 🙂

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