The Water Rap.


I know it is possible to post from my iPhone, but really, who has the time or patience to type out a lengthy and comical anecdote on this teensy keypad (which is what I am doing now).

So while my computer is in the computer hospital being debugged from all the nasties let me share my latest rap.  If you do not have Smule AutoRap on your iPhone, do yourself a favour and get this app.  Hours of entertainment, especially when you are computerless!  Talk about any damn thing you want and Smule will make you sound cool and awesome.

If you have been to my 4D&T Facebook Page you might have heard the Four Doodles and a Taco Rap D made for my theme music.  If you missed it, go HERE and hear it before it hits the top 40 charts.

And now, the moment you have been waiting for – my rap.  Composed while coaxing Theo to drink more water, I give you, ‘Theo, You’ve Gotta Drink Your Water’, by Yours Truly.  Enjoy.

So until my computer is back in the world of the living, this is it for me 😦

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  1. Yer killin’ it Soph – with or without a computer. That is hilarious! I bet it made him drink more water, huh?

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