Stay with me Peeps. Must share the awesomeness. Extemely happy with these photos!


Not too long ago I was the super lucky prize winner of a Facebook competition.  A good friend’s sister had started a Facebook page for her photography business and had held a competition to help increase flow to her page.  Winner would receive a photo shoot, up to 20 prints edited and ALL the originals on a CD.  Needless to say, as is the point of this post – I WON!

The lovely Tamika from Tree Pretty Photographics came to my house with all her equipment and set up a ‘studio’ in my lounge room.  She was super flexible and worked around T feeding and crying and K and J being dicks.  She was great at getting K and J to not act like door knobs, as they can be hopeless when a camera is around.  J pulls the most ridiculous ‘I’m trying to smile but just look like a gumby’ faces and K is the King of Stupid Poses.  Likewise, I am awkward around cameras too.  In retrospect, I would have been a hopeless model much to teenage me’s disgust.

What I didn’t want was unnatural stand here, stand there posed photos and Tamika did not disappoint.  Photos were natural and easy.  She was great with K and J and said thing like, ‘you don’t have to look like a total dork’, ‘OMG, what a couple of morons’, ‘come on numb nuts’ and ‘let’s try taking a few where you don’t look like you want to punch each other in the face’.  Perfect for a couple of prepubescent boys.

Here are a few of my favourites 🙂

She’ll make you look like your face is made of diamonds.

Chicken Pox? Strawberry spots? No problem! Zingety bing! Spots be gone! See J’s face for the proof.

Just hang one child from the ceiling for this shot.

T with his owl pal, Jude. I love the effect of the sun spots, like little fairies dancing on his face.

If you are as in love with Jude the Owl as we all are you can get your own from Owls as Pals.  These gorgeous creatures are hand stitched with love and individually made with your specifications to suit the personality of the recipient.  I sent Owls as Pals a couple of pics of T and a description of his personality and colours we like and she created Jude just for us.  They are cot buddies.

She’ll get you to do stupid shit like sing your favourite kids song. This is ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ complete with hand actions. Damn I look good!  And check out my ample bosom.

3 handsome little men.  Oh no!  T’s pants ate his foot!

Me and my doodles.

I am so so so happy to finally have a baby feet photo. If you have any special photo requirements she will do them. I wanted feet and bum – see below.

My Bear

Botty bot bot.

The jury is still out on the next photos.  I cannot decide if I like them or not.  I think I look goofy.  Do you like them?  Please be brutally honest.  I can take it.  Which one, if any do you like?
















Seriously, if you fancy getting some photos taken of your little ones, big ones, furry ones and you don’t fancy paying a gazillion dollars for pixie photo style, boring, cliche photos and you live in the Gold Coast/Brisbane area, do your self a favour and call Tamika from Tree Pretty Photographics.  Her rates are SUPER reasonable and she will come to you or any location you like, spend as long as it takes to do the shoot and make you laugh and feel comfortable in the process.  She regularly runs promotions from her Facebook page, in fact peeps, she is running one RIGHT NOW!

You might be wondering where the big doodle is.  Pretty sure I have already stated where he stands on having his photo taken.  He made damn sure he was ‘busy’ on the day and was nowhere to be seen.

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  1. IIIII think you look gorgeous in all those bottom photos! 😀 think B is my fav though 🙂 thank you so much the kind words i’m soo soo happy you are happy with your photos, it’s such a treat for me to be able to do something i love and it’s so wonderful when people like what i do!!
    thanks Taco! xx

  2. Iiiiii think you look beautiful in all the bottom choice, but i think B is my fav 😀
    thank you so much for you kind words, I am so lucky to be able to do something i love and passionate about and having people like what I do!! thank you Taco!!

  3. B obviously for some reason :$
    The smile is natural-er so to speak. love love love adore T. Can u cuddle him for me like 10000000000000 times, pl pl pl???

  4. OK peeps! Since B is the most popular I am going to use that as my ‘about me’ photo. I asked D if he could photo shop out my wrinkles and take the bags out from under my eyes, but then we decided that it would be me and I should be REAL for you all. So I give you me, wrinkles, puffy eye growth bottom eyelid and all 🙂

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