Some sort of Magical Milestones. He says something. Not really, but anyway…


It’s been super exciting around here the last few weeks.  T has stopped yelling, which was his chosen form of communication.  ‘I’m hungry, Arghhhhhhhh!  I’m bored, AAArrghhhhhh!  I’m tired, AAARRggghhhhh!  I’ve shit myself, AAAARRRRRggghhhh!!  I touched my doodle, AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!  Listen to me, AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!’

The yells have been replaced with the most adorable sound in the world (apart from ‘mum’ which hasn’t happened yet).  T says DA.  Now we all know that it’s just a sound right?  I mean, it is very well documented in all the baby documents in the world that most babies say DA first, and it doesn’t mean that the baby is an early talker or more importantly saying ‘Dad’, but do you think you could tell D that?  Nooooo.  T said Dad.  Clear as day.  For real.  I say, ‘Yes Dear, he sure did.  That must mean he loves you more than he loves me.’  D feels chuffed.


It is super dooper cute though.  Lots of da da da’s and little squeals and funny noises.  When we say to him, ‘can you say dad?’, he giggles.  He has been a crazy little chatter box, except when I pull out my camera…

I had grand plans for this Magical Milestone.  I’ve been working on it for a few weeks but to no avail.  2 things I wanted.  First, I wanted to record T’s DAing on the Smule AutoRap and turn it into a bitchin’ tune.  But all I was able to manage were fifty recordings of me saying, ‘T, can you say Dad?  Da da da’, and T staring at me and the phone in amusement.

As a consolation, I will give you one that I did manage to make while poking him in the belly with a cushion.  We call this one, ‘T Laughs His Doodle Off’.  It’s not quite DA, but it will do.

Secondly, I aimed to take some video of him having a chat, but again it did not happen.  That child just stops whatever he is doing when ever the camera comes out and STARES!  I must have 50 hours of footage with T staring at the camera.  Or trying to grab the camera.  Or eat the camera.

After 3 weeks of attempting to capture the allusive DA on any form of recording device, I had almost given up when I just last night thought I would give it one more go while he was in the bath.  I got it.  It’s not great, in fact it is a pretty disappointing single DA, but alas, it was the best I could do.


T says DA – 7 months 🙂


Funny thing is, 3 weeks into the DAing, he has practically stopped making that noise.  He has now dropped that in favour of his new super awesome noise.  THE RASPBERRY.  He’s actually been doing these for months, he’s just upped the anti on the frequency.

I give you, THE RASPBERRY  – 7.5 months (Just thought I’d mention that the video on my camera SUCKS BALLS, so excuse the poor quality of these clips.  I did have a fiddle with the settings tonight and hopefully my next masterpiece will be better.)


I think he is learning so much at an alarming rate.  Just today he has discovered how to click his tongue on the roof of his mouth and has been practicing that new noise today.  So this have been nothing more that a run down on the latest ‘Sounds of T’.  Oh AND, he’s started pushing up onto his hands and knees when in his play nest!  Every day, something new.  Every day, something to brag about.  I love my little doodle.

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