Adventures in cloth nappies thus far.


As you probably know, I mean you would know if you are one of the unicorn awesomes that have been following my blog that I have been at a cross roads with my current nappying practice.  If you don’t already know, perhaps you are a noob to 4D&T (welcome, kisses to you), or perhaps you don’t really care – but you should, I’ll get you up to speed.  You can read about my battle with the stink fest and the rancid bin HERE.

I did it.  I got me some clothies.  I tried to do research on the different types but just found myself going around in circles and becoming overwhelmed by the choice.  I decided to go with some Cushie Tushies because a) they are cute, b) I saw them at the baby show recently and got to see them in action, c) they are cute, d) not too fiddly, e) good reviews, and did I mention they are cute?  I like the fact that they are all in one, so I don’t have to put a cover over them.  They are so soft and furry I just want to rub my face on his butt all day.


They arrived on Wednesday:

T and Crocodile inspect the merchandise.

Even though the idea of reusable wipes still grosses me out some, the thought of continuing to buy disposable wipes and filling that step pedal bin with the very smell which I am trying to eliminate, forced me to reconsider.  Luckily, with the solid food poos there is usually little mess left on the bum to wipe anyway.  Most of the time, but for the fact he is wearing a nappy and sitting in his own shit, those poos are practically ghosties.  Meaning, if he was sitting on the loo grunting out those little logs, they would plop out without leaving a trace.  Like a ghost.

I am doing the full kit and caboodle.  Cloth nappies and REUSABLE wipes.  Shock horror.  Methinks I am turning into a hippie.  I only got  6 for starters.  I need to attack this with a little bit of my smarts.  I have to be perfectly honest with myself.  I AM a lazy bitch.  There IS a good chance that I just won’t be able to disciple myself enough to make this work.  I had to fight the urge to splash out a million dollars on nappies that may not get their money’s worth of use.  So, 6 for starters.  I need to see if I like it.  I need to make sure these ones suit T’s butt, make sure they don’t leak and D can manage too.  Stay tuned for how I am doing so far later…


Step 1.  Soak those fluffies overnight.

Ready for the tub.

Step 2:  Dry them out in the sun.  You don’t need to see a picture of nappies in the sun.  Use your imagination.

Step 3:  Once dry, fold them up ready for use.

So that was yesterday, they dried while I went to work.  More on ‘Adventures in Relief Teaching’, coming soon in another post which is currently residing in my brain.  Today I didn’t work so I was all ready to trial my first day using cloth nappies.


He woke up all sad and hungry and desperate to get on my boob.  I decided to just chuck on a disposable so I could get him on the boob fast.  I thought I’d save the first one for when he was happier and able to put up with my fumbling around.  Remember, this is new for me, it’s going to take some time for me to get it right!

Time for the second change of the day.  I got everything ready and laid out.  I used the owl one first, just because it is the cutest.  It took me a few goes to get it on properly but T didn’t mind.  He was happy playing with an old Ventolin case of mine (No social services, the drug canister part wasn’t still in the inhaler).  T was able to sit and roll and do all the things he normally does and didn’t really seem to give a shit one way or another what was covering his butt.


He napped.  It didn’t leak.


One thing I noticed and this is probably because I am doing it wrong.  The flushable liner, when I went to change him was all bunched up.  Not too sure how well that would hold a sizable poo.  Also noticed that the urine smell is quite strong.  I guess with chuck-aways, the pee soaking crystals also neutralise the odour.  Good thing is the dirties disappear into the sealed, smell controlled, nappy bin in the laundry tub, leaving T’s room smelling like roses once more.

Here is T in nappy number 2 – Denim Colour:

See, no probs sitting up with the extra padding.

Can any experienced cloth nappy people please tell me if I have done it up right? Is this too loose? Will his doodle peek out and spray a fountain?


Nappy number 3 was the Heffalump pattern and it caught a little nugget in the liner.  I did have to do a little poo smear wipe with a reusable (eww), but then I just took it and the nappy to dump the turd into the loo and then pop the lot into the laundry tub!  I kid you not, it was easy!!!!  My first poo nappy!!!  I didn’t die or vomit or give up.  By this stage I am really beginning to like the whole cloth experience and even showed T’s fluffy butt off to a friend at lunch.  By this stage, I was really getting the hang of it.  The nappy is a great design, easy to use and fits so well around his legs.  They look so comfy, I am seriously contemplating asking Cushie Tushies to make me a bra and undies set in that fabric.  I’d roll around feeling my fluffies all day long, singing ‘I Touch Myself’, using my vibrator as a microphone.  Did I just say that, OUT LOUD?


Nappy number 4 was Tangerine, and I LOVE it so much.  Seriously, I could have licked it, it looked so yummy.  Even D managed to take that one off and get T ready for his bath.  He is cool with my new endeavour, and is all, ‘whatever you want’.  Love him.

I didn’t put one on for night time.  I am not ready for that yet.  I need to get used to them for days first and build up a trusting relationship with the nappies.  I need to know that they won’t let me down in my times of need (of sleep) and leak.  Trust takes time.

I’ve already rinsed them and hung them out.  Is it bad, and possibly a sign of things to come that I almost forgot to hang out the load?  My FIRST load?  I only remembered because I started this post and then went, ‘FUCK!  The nappies!’.  Almost fail.


Verdict so far.  Love it.


Downside – only have 6 nappies.  4 on the line at the moment which won’t be dry in time for the morning.  Might have to do a day on/day off arrangement until I can get some more.  I will push on with it and fill you in on my progress with all things cloth, poo and stench control.

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  1. So glad that it is working out for you so far Soph! Theo looks SO cute in those nappies – they are gorgeous. I would say that the nappy looks just a little too loose around the top – but then again, that could be because he is kind of stretching up? The really important bit is the fit around the legs – I was told that after you put the nappy on, to lift your baby’s legs up towards their head to see if the legs gape at all – if they don’t, then it’s a good fit. It is tricky because as they grow you have to keep adjusting, and sometimes the nappies with the snaps don’t fit the same on each side – i.e. at the moment Lucy is at a size where if she is wearing snaps, we need to do it up to the second snap on one side, but the first on the other – otherwise it is too loose or too tight. Does that make sense? Anyway, so happy that you are enjoying it all!

    • Yeah I think Theo might be in between sizes at the moment. I had a little leak out the top this morning, but then on the next nappy I did them up tighter and he got a red mark and a bit rashy because it was too tight. I will keep tweaking it. I think the nappies might relax a bit after a few wears too. I do really like it so far. I remembered to hang them out tonight!

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