Sick baby and a new car and a challenge.


This post has three points of call but first I want to give a massive shout out to all the dads that celebrated Dad’s day yesterday.  Whether you are a new dad, old dad, granddad, surrogate dad, uncle, brother, step-dad, foster dad, cool dad, funny dad, weird dad, a dad no longer with us, or a single mum working both the mum and dad roles, you all rock in my book.

Dads are awesome, especially my dad and D.  Dad and D, you are the best dads in all of the lands and I love you both infinity + 1.  Dad, thank you for always being there for me and supporting me and always telling me I look beautiful (even when I don’t).  You’ve  helped to shape me into the lady (said in the ‘I’m a laaaady’ voice from Little Britain) I am today.  D, thank you for being the coolest dad (and husband) in town and making our doodles laugh each and every day.  Never a dull moment in our house.  Love.  Admiration.  Gratitude.


Sick Baby

T has his first cold 😦

I think we’ve done pretty good not catching one until now.  I believe this is a testament to the goodness of magic boob milk.  But regardless, even the magic milk couldn’t protect him forever.  I caught it from J and T caught it from me.  K is fine.  He NEVER gets sick, probably something to do with how filthy he always is.

Having a sick baby is sad.  My poor little muffin is having such a hard time nursing and eating.  He nose is dripping like a tap and when he tries to eat all the snot bubbles out of his nose.  It really is a woeful sight.  He is not really sick, but just enough sick to be sad and clingy and sad and tired and sad.  Thankfully it hasn’t affected his sleeping at night and we have been getting through it with extra cuddles and nurses and an extra nap.  We had just managed to drop the third day time nap but have taken it back up again for the moment.

He HATES having his nose wiped.  Like seriously, screams the place down but I have to do it.  Mummy always has to do that bad jobs and be the evil parent.  I tried to use a bulb aspirator thingy and I swear after that experience I will never ever use one of those again.  I have already binned it.

Bulb aspirators = Baby torture.  Bulb aspirators = Baby thinks ‘Mummy hates me’.  Bulb aspirators = Mummy dies a bit in her heart.


Even though T was sick we all went in the new bus (more on this later) to the Gold Coast Show on Saturday.  It was effing freezing folks.  Wind chill -OMG.  Even though my nipples were on permanent erect, the boys had a good time.  They wanted to go but we didn’t want to spend a fortune so decided to pay for the entry and they had to pay for everything else they wanted.  J took $50 and K took $20 because he is saving for an iPad.

K has named himself bravest in the family after going on the Kamikaze.  No way in the world would I go on that thing.  Maybe 20 years ago…

We found a free activity at the show.  I know, I couldn’t believe it myself.  FREE??? At the Gold Coast Show???  Crazy.

K and J participated in a free Lego competition.  They each had 20 mins to build anything.

J had no idea what his creation was. It was a lump of random Lego pieces haphazardly put together to form a – in J’s words, ‘it’s a, ummmm, ship thingy?’

K started off making a snow base for which he was going to make a polar bear. With 5 mins left of the competition he became frustrated with his ‘polar bear’ (lump of white), pulled it all off and started building another lump of white. When interviewed about his creation his polar bear had morphed into an igloo. Somehow, and we are not sure how, K’s lump off white earned him 2nd place and a Lego policeman pack.

Checking out all the crap J wasted his dollars on.

Sick and sad and tired T at the show. Still Theodorable.

I expected to get a call to work this morning but didn’t.  I think just as well considering T is still not 100%.  Mother in law finds it hard to carry him a lot because of her bung shoulder and at the moment T likes to be held, so lucky for all concerned that I get to be home with him again today.  Here is a photo taken just now of Little Bear sleeping off his sick.


New Car

The time had come when we had to face the facts.  My little Hyundai i30, while still an awesome car which technically could squeeze in all the family, was just too small for us.  Time to upgrade and upgrade we did!

And when I say upgrade I mean UPGRADE to a BUS!  Not really a bus, but pretty darn close!

We really liked the Nissan Elgrand and were looking at trying to get a 2002 model or there abouts.  They were somewhere in the vicinity of $16K – $20K which is a fair chunk of coin.  Then out of nowhere came this absolute fucking bargain too good to pass up.  It is a 1999 model which was a few years older than we wanted but at $9K such a massive saving we just had to check it out.  At that price, it was going for well below market value.  We bought it.




Only teensy little problem is we now have 3 cars.  Anyone want to buy an i30?

It is super cool.  There is plenty of room for everyone.  T’s car seat goes in the back row and he loves the new view.  In the i30 all he had to look at was the black window shades but the tint is so dark on these windows, shades are not needed.   K is stoked that he can have his own reading light for night trips that won’t annoy the driver.  J has been enjoying sitting in different spots each journey.  It’s great because the boys can sit apart so they don’t touch each other or look at each other because you know that, ‘he looked at me’, is always cause to start of a car fight.  Also, I OWN the road now.


The Challenge

Found this little challenge as I was blog surfing and decided that if there was one thing I needed help with it was getting to the bottom of the shit around here and organising my house.

Just a few minor technicalities……

Last week was dedicated to completing some pre-challenge tasks.  Basically getting ready to start.  I didn’t.  Is it bad that I was too unorganised to complete the tasks I needed to complete to become organised?  I am sorry Organised Housewife, it’s the sick baby and the new car’s fault.

Anyway, I am looking at it this way.  I am just a little over extended at the moment to do this challenge 100%, but I would like some kind of plan or guidance to do a half-arsed job of it.  I do love a good plan.  I really like the way she gets you to organise yourself.  You build a folder with lists and shit to do in it.  This becomes your bible should you need to organise your life again in 6 months or a year later.  Lists are my friend.  All I need to do now is actually go and buy a folder and some ink for the printer…

The plan is this.  We are going to have to move out of our little house in the coming months.  We are looking at before Christmas.  I am going to do a half attempt at completing the challenge now.  Meaning, I will do what I can when I can.  And then in a couple of months when things have settled around here I will do the challenge again with gusto.  This will make packing and moving a gazillion times easier too.


Today is challenge day 1.  Today’s task is to clean and organise your kitchen.  Right at this point in time my kitchen looks like a hippo’s asshole.  Have you ever seen a hippo’s butt?  I have, I watched a doco on the hippopotomus last night.  They do a super wet and sloppy shit and use their tail to whip that shit all around the river.  Class act, and just like my kitchen.

I have half of D’s trip to the super market still on the bench, a junk bowl from hell, drop zone for everyone’s crap, dishes in the sink and a tower of pills and potions on top of the microwave.  I will photograph the hippo butt for you.


Disclaimer – my kitchen is not ALWAYS like this.  It has been a particularly busy and crazy weekend and morning.  Sick baby takes it out of you (I just spent 1 hour rocking a hysterical T to sleep), and here I am blogging instead of getting into it.  Also, all my doodles are slobs.  Sometimes it feels as if I am fighting a loosing battle.

If you squint it doesn’t look that bad. That’s not true it still looks bad. I am mortified to show you this. Oh the shame.

So that is it.  Stay tuned for the most amazing ‘after’ photo imaginable.  Anything would be better than that mess right?

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  1. Crikey, Sophie – you have been busy!!!

    I love the dad’s day acknowledgement 🙂

    So sorry T has been sick –and he’s such a gorgeous little thing (yes – I could hug him all day long!)

    I don’t need a car – but good luck selling it 🙂

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