So now that you know the big secret, I’ll bet you are all wondering does it have a doodle or a taco?  Feels a bit weird saying taco about a baby girl, so let’s just say corn chip.  And I’ll also bet that unless you have pre-teen children, who are all about watching the crazy and ‘out there’ cartoon Adventure Time, then you are probably also wondering what the hell does LSP mean and why are we naming our unborn child this?  Please do not confuse LSP with LSD.  Baby was not conceived on an acid trip.


Anyone who knows me is probably aware that when I was pregnant with T, we were openly hoping he was a she.  The pang of disappointment when we saw the doodle in the ultrasound only lasted a second and was quickly replaced with joy.  I had prepared myself for the scan to reveal a boy so it wasn’t that much of a shock although I was really hoping for a surprise.  T is the bestest ever anyway and I wouldn’t swap him for a million sparkle princesses.

This time around however, I am really, really, really hoping and praying to the Flying Spaghetti Monster and anyone else who will listen that baby is a girl.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.  Boy, girl, alien, frog.  Whatever I have in there is my baby and I adore it.  But pleeeease be a girl!  Don’t hate me because I am hoping for one sex over another.  I’m just being honest with you.  I have 3 doodles here, for goodness sake Mumma Bear needs a little pink to share the sparkly things with!


At my dating scan, baby looked like nothing more than a lump with a heartbeat, and once I saw it’s heart beating away, I decided that it needed a name.  As every waking minute our big boys are either playing Minecraft (is this not the shittiest computer game ever?  How is it that boys are so obsessed with it?), complaining about being bored or watching Adventure Time on TV, I had become pretty familiar with all of the AT characters.  My favourite has to be Lumpy Space Princess – LSP.

K was overjoyed when I told him the name, he thinks LSP is hysterical, and he is right – she is.  If you haven’t seen AT or know who she is let me introduce you to her –



I thought LSP could either be a Prince or a Princess so the name would fit regardless of doodle or corn chip.


Fast forward a few weeks to last Tuesday when I had my 12 week NT scan.  Everything was wonderful and perfect and raindrops on roses.  LSP was super well behaved and did everything a good baby should do.  The ultrasound technician asked if we wanted to know the gender.  Gasp!  I was planning on asking her if she would care to speculate on the gender but wasn’t really prepared for to do so, as when I had the same scan with T, the tech wouldn’t even look for me!

She said she knew, and if we wanted to know she would show us.  She said at 12/13 weeks all they can say is that it is 70% accurate, but she was pretty sure anyway and also said she had never been wrong.  It would be just our shitty luck to be her first wrong guess!


She showed us this picture

She explained about the nub/sex bud theory. If the sex bud (the white straight bit down the business end) is flat it means princess and if it is pointing up, it means prince!


As you can see, the sex bud is parallel to the spine which according to the ultrasound technician means LSP is (apparently) a PRINCESS!


Insert Dance of Joy here.


That being said though, we are not counting on it being true until it is confirmed at our 20 week scan.  So not going to buy anything girl specific, or if we do, will be keeping the receipt.  I do have a soft little pink newborn jumpsuit I bought when we were trying to conceive T, and that will suffice for now.


Our Lumpy Space Prince/Princess –

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  1. Congrats you guys! Big fingers crossed it’s a princess in there. Skully Theory is also another one and looking at the profile I am going to say PRINCESS !! :))))

  2. Omg i am dancing a crazy dance of joy! i am so excited Soph! congratulations times a million! i am so happy for you all! and now unbelievably clucky! first Sally, now you! woooppppeeeeee!

  3. That’s amazing!! I wish I had a good picture of the nub, I’m really impatient now and want to know the sex! The technician wouldn’t even try and guess!

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