The big reveal. Da da daaaaaa!


Hello peeps, I have missed you so!  Unless you have been living under a rock, eating ants and lichen you probably have noticed that I have been quiet on the blogosphere.  It’s hard to blog honestly when you have been keeping a secret, and keeping a secret I have!  So rather than ramble on about meaningless nothings (how is that really different from the garbage I usually write about anyway?) while attempting to hide the truth, I opted for silence.  Well, the time has come to break it…


T has something to tell you.


That’s right!  I’m pregnant!  We are going to have another baby.  4 kids.  FOUR.  Ffffoooooooouuuuuuuuuuurrrr.


I know what the majority of you are thinking right now.  I’m nuts.  Well that is stating the blatantly obvious, but this pregnancy came as more of a surprise to us that it has to you.  With T, we tried to conceive for a long time and struggled with the evil, horrible, torturous bitch that is infertility.  He was the miracle baby that came along just in time before we began our first IVF cycle.

T was our last baby.  We each had a child of our own, and then we had T together to complete our family.  End of.  Or so we thought.  This shock pregnancy really has occurred against all odds.  Still breastfeeding, on the PILL and with D’s lazy-ass swimmers, it is a wonder how one little super sperm was able to get through all of those barriers to claim his prize.

We were gobbsmacked.  After some crisis talks about money and how we would cope financially, excitement set in.  We are having another baby!


It has not been easy this time around.  First trimester pregnancy is bullshit hard with a little baby under foot.  Morning sickness sucks balls, however, listening to some of my other poor, poor friends who are also preg with me, my morning sickness has been a walk in the park in comparison.  Amy, Katherine – hats off to you.  T has been hard work in previous weeks.  So cranky and needy.  In constant need of being held and with me not being able to go out of his sight for one second I have been feeling the frustrations.  Also, the exhaustion has been killing me.  It is farking hard work growing a human!  I still can barley make it through a day and am now into the 2nd trimester.  When am I supposed to be getting my energy back?  Seriously walking dead.

We kept it to ourselves for a few weeks, but slowly the word filtered out to select friends and family until it was time to tell K and J.  I bought the ‘I’m going to be a big brother’ onesie and dressed T in it after his bath one night.  The plan was to video K and J playing with T, and once they read the onesie message they would dance a song of joy and sing for the pixies of love and happiness.  Yeah, didn’t exactly go down like that.



What I can promise you, is that after some heartfelt tears, cuddles and words of reassurance from Mum and Dad, K has come around and both boys are now thrilled about the new baby on the way.  Phew.  Dear sweet little K was concerned about me.  He was worried about how I would cope because he hates it when I am upset or stressed.  Bless his beautiful little heart.  J on the other hand, was all ‘whatever’ from the start, which means ‘I’m happy’ in J talk.


I am sooooo happy and excited to finally get this out!  I have so much to post about that has been backlogged from the last few weeks, which I will fill you in over the coming days.  Still struggling with tiredness, so late nights are not my friend and I am trying to avoid them as much as possible.  I am working on getting these posts out during T’s nap times on the days which I am not working.  What this means though bitches, is that I have to sacrifice one of MY nap times!  The things I do for you and my blog!


Peace out, from me and LSP.  That’s what we have called the baby.


*** What the fuck is up with my camera?  It takes the WORST videos imaginable!  And what was that weird underwater sound that happened half way through?  I’m sick of my camera, it sucks.  Apologies for the crap video experience***

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  1. Yay, it’s official news! Aww, bless the boys in that video – glad they are feeling reassured and excited about it now. Ooh and I got a mention on your blog – I feel famous!

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