The Untold Story of Weggle Wib – by Sergeant Starfruit


K decided he wanted to get back into the blog action tonight once he had seen that I had finally posted again.  We are pleased to fry your brain with some more of his oddball writing style.



The Untold Story of Weggle Wib


Hello adventurers. My name is Weggle Wib. I am going to tell you a story. Not a story of those stupid humans, but of me! The misunderstood floor!

 It was a lovely day. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. But something wasn’t right. There was tension in the frosty morning air. All of a sudden, a shudder and a shake, and BANG! A huge bucket come clumsily hurling down onto my poor face! Oh boy it hurt. But I didn’t complain. I’ve seen worse. I looked up to see a horrible sight plunging towards me. A dirty, mouldy, wet mop!

 The mop is a hated monster that was feared all across the house. It got you all wet, it scrubbed against your grain, and worst of all, it smelt of rotten fish and sewerage mixed together! Down it came. Splash! It rubbed on my tiles and it stripped me clean of my warm coverage of cosy grime and dirt! It was all I remember before I blacked out.

 I awoke to a crowd of murmurs. All the others wanted to see if I was okay after the terrifying dash with death. Then I realised, I was clean! My Dimples were flushed, my hands were scrubbed, my hair was brushed, I, was, beautiful! Finally I could live a care free life, unbound by my appearance; I’d turned over a new leaf. Or should I say a new towel?

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