A self indulgent ‘look at me’ post. Just because I can. This is also a lot about poo.


I started feeling some LSP movement a few weeks ago, I even saw some bumps and nudges from the outside!  It was always on the right side of the belly button, whereas with T his early movement was always on the left, lower down.

Yesterday I had the most horrific upset tummy.  Sore to touch, total constipation pains making me feel sicky sicky gross gross.  I needed to poo or vom.  Preferably poo but I would have been happy to vom too.  Anything to relieve the pressure.  Neither happened.  This made for a very sad me and a very cranky teacher for the poor unsuspecting children I had inmy classes yesterday, one of which was K.

Anyway, as with anything tummy related when you are pregnant, even when your logical head knows full well that it is just your back passage gone on strike, little seeds of worry plant themselves in your mind.  What if something has happened to my baby and now I need to poo her out?  Did I really think such a stupid thing?  No.  Yes.  Maybe.

It was around the third unsuccessful trip to the toilet that resulted in neither a poo or a vom that I began to realise that I had not felt LSP move for a while.  How long?  I have no idea.  Could have been days.  Paranoia tries to invade my mind while rational thought tries to make me remain calm.  I somehow managed to get through the day on a see-saw ride between the two.

This is what my rational mind told me – LSP has just moved into a different position.  She is facing your back now so you can’t feel her.  Your enormously full large intestine has wrapped itself around your uterus so your poo is masking the movements.  OK, my crazy mind told me that.

I tried like hell to poo all night to no avail and went to bed in pain.  I jiggled and wriggled my belly and pushed and prodded and concentrated really, really hard, but I don’t think I felt any movement.  I eventually fell asleep because logical mind told me I was being neurotic.

This morning I pooed.

Tummy still hurts, there is more to come but I haven’t had much luck there yet although some pressure has definitely been relieved.  I also farted plenty and that was awesome.  Once T went down for his morning nap, I drank a cold drink and laid on the couch determined to feel this baby or run screaming to the nearest hospital.

I felt LSP move, on the LEFT!  Sneaky baby.  Also, not so jabby, but more rolling type movemnts so I think she has just moved around to a different spot and is playing with my back bits now.  Rational mind was right!


I still need a good shit though.


But in honour of a good poo and the fact that there is still a baby in my belly and I didn’t have to push it out of my butt, I am going to share my first bump photo of this pregnancy.




The bump does fluctuate a bit daily, and I had just eaten this –

Zucchini Slice, Chicken Balls and Pork Buns by the amazing Cassie x Yummy! Yes that is my drink in the foreground. No it is not alcoholic.

And this –

Cake Pops by Cassie’s mum, Gail and Chocolate and Raspberry Puddings by Hollie. So Good. My arse thanks you.

at a Melbourne Cup Luncheon hosted by my bff Cassie, but I think it is safe to say that the bump is mostly LSP and a little bit chocolate.

T had fun too.

Did you notice this?

Feta, Watermelon and Kiwi Salad – found on Pinterest.

This was my contribution to the luncheon.  I found it here – at Studiox3 and it was awesome!  Thanks for the inspiration!!!  I kind of failed with cutting the cubes into exact sizes but generally it workout out fine.


Thank you for allowing me to share my poo baby.  I can’t wait to watch it grow 🙂  xxx

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  1. Bahaha watermelon!! It got Rhys moving, he had the biggest crap I ever saw.. didn’t think it would flush away, then he did another the next day not as big but still big. I googled watermelon and saw it has a laxative effect. I bought it on a whim Sunday.. Rhys was showing signs of becoming constipated again despite my “Drink more water!!” reminders.. he wasn’t a fan of pears or the pear juice last time. Then I realised why I had been crapping my guts out too.. I thought it was my hormones getting ready for another premmie bub.. still, you never know!

  2. You are so gorgeous – even whilst discussing poo. Can you please send me a wombat? I’m pretty sure I need one. I LOVE the feta, watermelon, and kiwi cube!! I’m hosting a play date on Saturday and I’ll make that for everyone. I’ll tell them my aussie pal showed me how to make it. There might be 7 10 month old babies at the play date : )

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