Today is the day. Half way baked and my ultrasound.


Yippee yippee, yi yi!  The day has finally come!  Yesterday it was tomorrow, but today it is today.  At last.

Today is the day I have my 20 week scan.

I am excited.  I am nervous.


The most important thing to us of course is checking to see if our surprise baby is healthy and happy floating in my utero bubble.  But following closely behind is finding out if LSP is really a Princess or a Prince.

I know I have said it before, and I will say it again.  We would love a girl to finish off our little family.  I love love love my boys to bits and pieces but I would love to have a girl too.  Will I be sad if ‘she’ has grown a doodle?  A little at first, but no, of course not.  LSP is my baby and I love him or her.  Nothing will change that.  Ever.  But honestly, please LSP don’t show us a penis today!


This is what I want to see –

I will let you know…

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