Moving house – Part 3. A Magical Milestone! I bet you thought I forgot about doing these.


I realise that this post is a little overdue, but seriously dudes, this pregnancy is kicking my butt!  Holy shit balls hell, is it possible to feel any more dead?  I think not.  I believe that the ‘2nd trimester energy’ is a fallacy, thought up by some moron, probably a man, designed to help you make it through the first trimester by believing that it will all be roses once you get through that crap.   ‘Come on girls, pregnancy is not that hard.  You should totally breed with me,’ said he.  It’s all about survival of the species.

Or maybe it is the difference between growing a boy and growing a girl.  I mean, yes I was tired when pregnant with T, but I managed to continue working full time with a commute and do all my wifely and motherly duties.  I can’t even compare being pregnant with K because I was all young and shit back then.  I’m old now.  This baby has totally sucked me dry.  Or is it the whole being pregnant while looking after a baby thing?  Who knows.  What I do know is that this shit ain’t easy.  Hats off to all mums and dads with more than one baby/toddler all around the world.  Is there a secret that I don’t know about?  Fill me in please.  I am serious.  I NEED to know.


So we moved house.  Things are finally looking good on the home front now, almost all teething problems have been fixed.  Most importantly, I have a working dishwasher – hurrah!  I forgot to mention in previous posts however, that in the middle of the moving chaos, T did something INCREDIBLE!  HE CRAWLED!!!

He did it the afternoon before we moved all the big stuff.  Yes, that’s right – before the day from hell.  And then didn’t do it again until the day after the day from hell, but it was truly wonderful to watch.  I was lucky enough that I had the camera right there on the table next to me, and as soon as he started doing it I called to K to take over pulling the toy in front of him and managed to catch his very first crawl ever on film, and here it is –


Wasn’t that amazing?  I know what you are thinking – wow another baby crawling, big deal…  Well it is a big deal!  It’s MY baby!

These days he is a crawling machine and so close to walking.  His balance is pretty good and he can stand unaided for a while and has even taken a couple of steps towards D.  Oh yeah, AND most importantly T finally today started saying mamama!  For real, he chats all day long and makes all the sounds in the world but do you think he would say mama?  Nope.

Me – Theo, I love you.

T – Dad.

Me – Kiss for Mummy?

T – Dad.

Me – Who’s your favourite?

T – Dad.


Now that T can crawl, he can do all sorts of fun and crazy things like –

Helping Mum in the kitchen.

Help Mum in the kitchen.

Helping Mum fold up the cloth nappies.  That is the roll of flushable liners peeps.

Help Mum fold up the cloth nappies. (That is the roll of flushable liners peeps)

Sneak away to LSP's room to discover his birthday and Christmas presents.

Sneak away to LSP’s room to discover where his birthday and Christmas presents were hidden.

Climb into ball pits.

Climb into ball pits.

And make his friend E cry.

And make his friend E cry.


See?  It’s all fun and games now.  Seriously though, things are awesome now that T is mobile.  He is so happy that he can cruise around the joint like he owns the place.  It is wonderful to see him exploring and discovering new things all the time.  He is fascinated by light switches and doors and balls.  Anything cause and effect really.  I just love this age.

He launches himself into ball pits.


Oh, big news – it’s T’s 1st birthday party on Sunday!  I am really excited and anxious.  I hope everything runs smoothly and everyone has a good time.  I’ve spent hours on Pinterest and think that I am organised.  I won’t give too much away just yet, but what I can tell you is that I have chosen a “Where is the Green Sheep?’ theme, as it is T’s favourite book.  Your baby/toddler needs this book!  Click it.

I will take lots of photos and share how it went.  Don’t expect things to be all perfect and matching and awesome like other mummy bloggers who are domestic goddesses.  This is me after all!

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