Like four doodles were not enough, I have another. Meet Chum-Lee.


Growing up as a kid we had a cat.  Actually we had a few, but I don’t really remember the ones from when I was really young.  I vaguely remember a tabby that we had called Pokey, aptly named because he liked to poke around in the rubbish. I was pretty young but I believe he disappeared one day.  He liked to get in cars and sleep, we think he hoped in someone’s car and napped there and they drove away with him.  Or I might be thinking of the cat before Pokey, so what happened to Pokey?  Not sure, Mum if you are reading this, WTF happened to Pokey?

Anyway, after Pokey came PJ (aka Pokey Junior – highly original), he was the runt of a litter between a Persian and a feral Tom Cat.  I recall going to visit all the kittens at someone’s house and picking out the smallest one.  We saw the daddy cat hanging about in the distance, and man this cat was freaking huge and scary, like a tiger.  But we thought we had picked the smallest and cutest kitten of the lot.  Surely he would take after his mum, not his dad, right?  Wrong.

PJ grew into one bloody enormous cat.  A big fat cat.  A big fat wonderful cat.  A playful, crazy, loving, sneaky, pain in the arse cat.  A family cat.  An adored cat.  We loved that cat so much, he truly was a part of our family and stayed with us all though my childhood and teenage years before passing away in my early twenties from cancer.  He was buried in a sunny spot in the garden garden, outside my brothers window where he likes to snooze in the sunlight.  Always in our hearts.


I’ve always been a cat person, not a dog person.  I don’t dislike dogs, but just don’t love them like I love cats.  Has to be a special dog for me to love it (Domino – you’re my favourite dog), and not a jumpy, toe licking, yappy dog.  I’m not such a fan of crotch sniffers either.  Yes, I know I have just described classic dog behaviour but that is how it is.

Unfortunately, since PJ and moving out of home, I have always been in rentals and never had any pets other than fish and birds.  J has always had pets at his mum’s house, but K (another cat person) has always wanted one, to which we always said that when we owned our house he would get one.  Who are we kidding, at this rate we will NEVER be able to buy a house!  I would love for my kids to have a childhood family pet that they would love and remember as fondly as I do PJ.  But, still we rent.


This is why my Christmas present from D this year was such a fantastic surprise.  I received a card, inside we were words – Your Christmas present?  A cat of your choice.

Best.  Present.  Ever!

I couldn’t believe it.  Thrilled would be an understatement, and K and J were super happy about it too.  D had secretly contacted the real estate and gained permission.


We went on boxing day down to the animal welfare league to visit the cats and see if there were any suitable for us to adopt.  We were looking for a young adult cat who would be more settled and good with Theo and the new baby.  As adorable as kittens are we thought it would be smarter to adopt an older one and bypass any kitten training problems and kitten attacks on unsuspecting babies.  Plus, it feels good to adopt an older cat who might usually be overlooked in favour of the kittens.

Basically, we had a look at all the cats but the first one we saw that we liked was the one we came home with.  We picked him and he picked us.  A ginger and white tabby.  He was so friendly and happy for us to pet him and hold him.  They called him Captain Hook.  That name sucked but we took him anyway.

We don’t really know much about him, other than he had only just gone into the adoption part the day before Christmas, after a stint in the pound.  He was a stray.  But he had to have had a loving family at one point in time because he is just so loving and friendly, but then again he had only just been desexed and if he had a family surely they would have had that done already?  So we have no idea of his past.  He was 8 months old, so not exactly the adult we were looking for, but like I said – he picked us.



We bought him home and he settled in right away.  No adjustment period.  Just walked in, looked around and made himself at home.  He is the perfect cat for our family.  He is so tolerant.  T pokes him and prods him and the cat just lies there and takes it.  He gets the cat crazies and makes us all laugh, but best of all he gives love.  And takes it.


The night after we brought him home, K said this – We haven’t even had him a day, but I just love him so much already.


His name?  Well, we couldn’t leave him with the name Captain Hook.  On the way home from the pound D, K and I tossed around names.  They were all really bad.  Sir Licks His Butt was the best we had come up with, until D said, why don’t we name him after a TV character, we’ve had luck with that before.  Our late bird was named Fletcher, after Sally Fletcher from Home and Away – a show that I love.  It’s my guilty pleasure.  This led to some more names being thrown around the car from our favourite show.  They were all shit, until I said, what about good ‘ol Chum-Lee?  You know that dopey fat guy from Pawn Stars?  He is the star of the show for us.  A few seconds of silence passed before a chorus of yeahs!  So that is how Chum-Lee got his name.

It’s a great name.  Lends itself perfectly to many nicknames:



Viva Chum Vegas

Chummy Bear


Chum Norris

Tom Chum

Just to name a few.  If you can think of another, let me know and pop it in the comments.


Here is our Chum-Lee playing with boxes.

Thank you my darling husband for Chum-Lee.  I know you love him as much as we all do, even if he is a pain in the mornings 😉


A quick little update on the Personal Planners give-away – Thank you everyone for playing along xxxx This has been great fun and I hope I can run another one soon! I am very pleased to announce the winner is the lovely Fiona L ♥  I have contacted Fiona and we are currently both waiting anxiously to hear back from Personal Planners regarding the prize.

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  1. omg i love it! Cats are amazing animals, we have two and i love them so much! Theo chasing Chum-Lee is so precious! i can’t wait till our little one is crawling and chasing the cats!

  2. Sadly it was Pokey who loved to sleep in cars. I think because it was so lovely and warm. We lived on a street that was quite close to the shops, so the street was well parked out. We just guessed, hoped really, that Pokey snuck into an open window of a parked car, and when the owners came back for their car,,,,,, they just drove off unsuspectingly, with our adorable Pokey. Loved that cat!

    Pokey loved to play the game of ‘Attack’, when you went to the toilet in the middle of the night, He would lay in hiding in the dark, and as you went sleepily walking by to the bathroom, he would SPRING UP and jump on you.SCARING THE B-Geeesus out of you. and then run around the corner, out of reach, while you were crumbled over holding onto your pounding heart, recovering. Hoping to hell and back that you have not prematurely relieved yourself. Damm Cat!! hahaha :)) Loved that cat!

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