Best. Maternity Leggings. Ever.


News so damn good I have to share it with the world.  I have found the best maternity leggings ever.  I only wish I found them sooner, like last pregnancy ago.

This is not a sponsored post, nor am I getting any commissions for telling you this.  I just want you to know!!!!  These leggings have seriously changed my life.  OK, slight exaggeration but that’s how much I love them.


Why do I love them?  Let me count the ways.

  1. First and foremost, the most important thing to look for in a maternity legging, or any legging for that matter is these little beauts STAY UP!  Even with your enormous belly full of baby, nothing is moving these pants from where you put them!  I can wear them all day, actually I can wear them for two days straight (yes folks, I shower and change my unmentionables) and they still stay up!  Even with my thunder thighs, all the more thunderous for being pregnant are not enough to make these leggings creep down.  You know how with every other crappy pair of leggings you have ever owned seem to want to find their way to the narrowest part of your leg – your ankle?  These DO NOT!  Completely hitch free. 
  2.  Your knees will not look like the saggy baggy elephant after 5 minutes of wearing them.  I must admit after a full two days wear, the knees do get a teensy loose but no wrinkles kids!  Swear it. 
  3. They have a little cute gathering down at the ankles just as a little feature.  This either works to hide or accentuate your pregnancy cankles.  I am not sure of which yet as my ankles are still behaving themselves.  This is also a good feature for those, like myself that are vertically challenged.  The shorter you are the more ankle gathering you have.  If you are tall, your gathering is stretched out.  Versatility at it’s best.  A legging for all.
  4. You can wear them over the bump.  Pull the fold up bit up and you have some extra support around your roundness.  I must say there is a serious amount of strength in the top of these leggings.  On days when I am feeling extra stretched I can wear them over the bump and I am feeling somewhat more supported.  Also handy should you wear a slightly see through number over your leggings as I was today.  Not a good look to have your stretched out stomach tattoo visible through your top.  Pull up your leggings and voila, no more unsightly warped tattoo!
  5. You can wear them under the bump.  As I mentioned, the belly band part of these pants it super stretchy and ultra supportive.  I honestly feel as if I am wearing a support garment when I put these on.  I realise that I have used the word support a lot but I cannot think of another suitable synonym.  I swear, these leggings will support your girth.  I even think that post caesarean I will be able to wear these as some sort of support (there it is again) against my incision.


There you have it.  5 reason why your preggo belly needs these leggings.  Now for the shocking part – where from and how much?

I know you are probably waiting to hear of some exclusive high end maternity boutique with a price you need to take a loan out to afford but you would be wrong my friends.


Big W.  Yes, you read that right.  Big W.

These are part of their ‘Nine and Mine’ maternity range and cost me a staggering $12.  As if my 5 reasons above were not enough reasons to get thee to Big W, then how about the price?  Money well spent.

And the proof?  Well the proof is in the horrible selfies I am posting below.  Does anyone know of a way to take decent self photos?  I tried to edit them to look at artsy and shit but I think I failed miserably.  Anywhoo, that is my 34w4d bump right there.  Feeling rather large and stretched and achy in my bum bum.

Over the bump.

Over the bump.

Under the bump.

Under the bump.

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