Let’s get real now. 2 babies? How hard can it be?


Don’t want to fail my personal ’10 posts in 10 days while waiting to evict baby from thy womb’ challenge, so here is number 2, just for you.


Just a wee little freak out moment.  I am going to have 2 babies in 9 days.  8 if you don’t count today seeing as today is practically over.  What the flapjack?!  How the hell did that happen? Twooooooooooooooooooo babies!

I’ll admit that when I fell pregnant and calculated the age gap of 15.5 months, I felt it would be ok.  T would be well into his toddler days and things would be cool.  No.  Not so.  T is still just a baby.  He can’t load the dishwasher, fold the washing or vacuum the floors.  He does however do a pretty good job at undoing all of my hard work when I do those chores.


T is in a pretty solid sleep routine at the moment which is great, but as he has had a run of ill health lately I am finding that I am working pretty hard on making sure that I don’t F up his night sleeps by checking on him whenever he makes a cry or a moan (kid is a noisy sleeper) to check if he has been sick or has a fever.  It’s times like these I really wish I had a video monitor.  9 times out of 10 when he cries he will go back to sleep but stupid paranoid me will quite often check on him and wake him up proper.  Idiot!  It is time for me to really get tough and get that sleep thing perfect again.  I DO NOT want to be waking up to 2 babies crying in the night!

This morning I wondered, what is going to happen in the mornings when LSP wakes up and I am stuck in her room giving her a feed and T wakes up?  How do I tend to 2 babies at once in 2 different rooms?  The obvious answer is D will have to get up, but I can’t see that working out long term.  The man could sleep through a bomb going off.  How do other mums manage 2 babies in the morning?  How do mothers of twins, or triplets do this shit?  OMG, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out….


T needs to suck it up and learn to love the TV a little more.  He needs to realise that there is more than 1 good episode of Baby Einstein worth watching.  Actually I have a major win with T last week.  I put on his favourite Baby Einstein and told him that he could stay and watch it in the lounge room and I was going to go into the kitchen and do the dishes.  You will never guess what happened?  He bloody stayed!  The watched the whole damn thing ON HIS OWN!  There is a tiny little sweet spot on the couch where you can see into the kitchen and he sat there and every once in a while turned around to see that I was still there and watched the TV WITHOUT ME!  Win. Win. Win!  If he keeps this up I might just be able to manage 2 babies!


Sometimes I feel that all will be ok, other times I feel like my world is about to implode.  Today I am freaking out, just a little.  Man alive, I am thankful that D is able to take time off is all I can say.

LSP, you better be a placid happy little baby!  Be kind to your mother.  Love to sleep.  Feed well and chillax and we should all be fine.  Also if you could help with the housework, that would be awesome too.

You think I'm hard work now?  Just wait until there's 2 of us! (insert evil baby laugh)

You think I’m hard work now? Just wait until there’s 2 of us! (insert evil baby laugh) You’re screwed woman!

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