Paranoia sets in. Must avoid ‘the sick’ at all costs.


Before you ask, no, I haven’t packed my bag and no, we didn’t clean out the van and put the car seat in.  Just wanted to get that out of the way.  Felt rather slobby and lazy today and didn’t fancy doing a great deal to be honest.  I did however THINK about doing those jobs and that is almost as good as actually doing them.  Everything is becoming so much more difficult.  I think I have expanded even more in the last couple of days to the point where I don’t think I can stretch another inch.  I am FULL of baby and she is pushing and prodding every single GD nerve in my butt and vagina and grinding her head right down there in my pelvis.  Unpleasant to say the least.  The very least.


Took K to the Dr today.  He brought back the most horrendous hacking cough from school camp that is just getting worse and worse.  I took him to the Dr with me last week to check on the cough and she (not my usual Dr George, who had the nerve to go on a weeks holiday!) said his chest and everything was clear and that he must have had a virus and it will take a few weeks for the cough to clear.  Then he started near vomiting and retching with his coughing fits.  So back to the Dr we went.

He has now been given some hard core antibiotics and redipred which should for sure clear him up quickly.  I really want all the sick out of this house before Thursday!  And more than anything I sure as hell don’t want to catch any sick, days before I have abdominal surgery!

I have never been so aware of the ‘sick’ in doctors waiting rooms until today.  Holy crapballs, there was some sick floating around today.  The waiting room was jam packed full of sick.  K and I sat right at the back and thank goodness I picked a spot where no one could sit next to me.  K fell asleep which is an indication of how long we had to sit amongst the sick.

Every cough and sneeze made my skin crawl.  I almost wrapped my cardigan around my mouth and nose  to fashion a  makeshift germ mask.  I glared at anyone who dared to not shield their hacking coughs and splutters with their hand/arm/magazine.  I visualised little particles of spit and snot flying through the air infecting the already infected, where the viruses would morph into super bugs ready to decimate the population.  More importantly, those germs could have landed on me.

Oh crap!

Oh crap!

Seriously, if I get sick now, I will be soooooooooo pissed off.


I’ve always been pretty blasé about germs before.  Like, whatever, the sick is unavoidable.  If you get it, you get it.  Probably far more likely to catch shit being a germaphobe, than allowing yourself to build up a good natural resistance against bugs by getting down and dirty.  That is how I have always operated with K anyway.  Apart from his asthma which is totally manageable (except right now) he is pretty much one of the healthiest kids I know, but also the filthiest child on the planet.  I am sure he could come in contact with the bubonic plague and not catch it.  In fact the bubonic plague would probably run and hide from K.

K's hand.

K’s hand.


You never really think about the germs and the sick until it really matters.  Today it mattered.  Tomorrow it matters.  This week it matters, it really really matters!  I do not want to be coughing and spluttering after having my gut sliced open, emptied and sown back together.  No thank you.

There was a father and son in the waiting room.  The boy couldn’t have been older than 3.  He was on the other couch, away from us.  He was jumping on and jumping off, and going over to look at the books and magazines and touch the toys.  He was pretty cute so got a fair bit of attention from the sick oldies in the room.  After we saw the doctor and went to the chemist to fill our scripts, the father and son came in.  The father was pretty oblivious and the boy was walking around touching stuff and going up to people.  I happened to walk past the father and noticed the information sheet the doctor had given him while he was standing looking at the wound dressings.  Impetigo.  School sores!  Shit, more sick!  I grabbed K and made him stand with me and wait as far away as we could for our scripts to be ready.

On Sunday afternoons, my brother usually comes for a visit with my little nephew.  He text me today and asked if I was up to a visit today.  First thing I needed to know – is his conjunctivitis cleared up?  Does he have a cold?  No?  Ok, I suppose you can come.

I am so paranoid!  I’m like a woman obsessed.  Must avoid germs at all costs!

Don't let this picture fool you.  Germs are not cute or friendly and must be avoided before big surgery!

Don’t let this picture fool you. Germs are not cute or friendly and must be avoided before big surgery!

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