Time for crisis talks people. What happens with the name of my blog?


Dudes, we have a problem.

My blog is called Four Doodles and a Taco, named so when there was not going to be any further additions to my family.

What do I do with the blog now?  Do I go through all the BS associated with changing the name and risk losing the few people who read it, or do I keep the name the same and adapt the subheading?  I done the reading on what you have to do to change the blog name and domain and while I ‘think’ it can be done I am pretty scared that I will F it up and have to start from scratch all over again.

I need your help peeps.  Help me decide what to do.  I will present you with my options, if you wouldn’t mind casting your vote on what you think I should do I would certainly appreciate it.

Much love and thanks xxx

Just got something to say – 2 DAYS TO GO!!!!!  Completely finished LSP’s room today.  Will photograph it tomorrow and start drafting a post about it, but remember I am not going to reveal until after she is born or you will know her name (it’s on the wall).  Still haven’t packed the bag or installed the seat….

Pre-op appointment at the hospital tomorrow.  Methinks I am going to have a baby, like, really freaking soon!

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