Update on the cat training and a nursery sneak peak.


To be perfectly honest, last night I was just really tired and went to bed early without my obligatory nightly post.  Soz (as J would say).  I had some pretty intense Darrel Braxtons (what I call Braxton Hicks contractions – if you love Home and Away, like me, you’ll get it), but they were irregular and usually just coincided with me having to get up to either go to the toilet or chase the cat with the water spray.


Cat training, by the way is not going to well.  First night or two I thought I was onto a winner, but since then he has ramped up the crazy tenfold.  Now he not only meows and scratches and whines at stupid o’clock down at our bedroom, but when he realises that it is going to get him nothing more than a water spray in the face, he goes and pulls the same tricks down the other end of the hall outside all the boys’ bedrooms.

This behaviour still has me getting out of bed 496 times a night and quite simply cannot go on.  Time is up.  Drastic measures from now on.  This morning he had me up and down constantly from 4am – 5:15am, by then I was so cranky that I kicked him.  I meant to kick his butt, however in the dark, I kicked him right in the face.  I felt awful but he let me get back to sleep for half an hour.  Don’t worry peeps, he got his own back.  While I was giving him an ‘I’m sorry for being a bitch cuddle’ earlier, he reached up and swiped me fair in the face too.  Payback.

He eventually got D up out of bed, who was also pretty angry with the cat.  Neither of us has had a decent night sleep for weeks.  As soon as we (mainly me) hear his little bell jingling, we think, here we go again…  And then game is on.  Perhaps he is reacting to the change which is about to happen at home, or perhaps he is just a naughty cat at night but last nights cat-scepades were the last straw.


Tonight, he gets locked in the garage.


He likes the garage, he goes in there all the time.  We have a storage room off the back which we will set up his bed and food in.  He’ll probably hate us for a while but this shit cannot go on.  I don’t see this as a permanent solution.  I’m hoping that he’ll calm down and we can trail run him back in the main part of the house in the future but for now this is what we must do.  Please don’t send me hate mail.  We love Chum-Lee, but we also need to sleep and he needs to learn that he is not the boss of our house.  Dinner time and breakfast time is set by us and not him.



LSP will be evicted tomorrow.

Here for you now is a sneak peak at her nursery.  The full reveal will happen after her birth.  Possibly from the hospital if she lets me have enough rest and I can manage posting from the iPad, but more likely when I get home.

Hmmmm, what is her name?

Hmmmm, what is her name?

I’ll try and post tonight but I cannot promise anything.  What I can tell you is that I have to get up early tomorrow morning and shower with a special hospital antiseptic sponge.  My Dad is going to drop me off at 6:30 and I’ll go and get myself admitted and settled in.  They begin the surgeries at 8 so Dave is just going to come up then.  His time is better served at home getting T up and feeding him breakfast before my mother-in-law comes to watch him.  And besides D doesn’t do hospitals well, so the last thing I need is to hear him bitching and moaning about how bored and creeped out he is.  I could even go back to sleep for a bit.  Can’t say for sure what time I will be going in for my surgery as emergencies get to cut in the surgery line so it’s kind of a play it by ear deal.


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  1. Hope all goes well tomorrow!! Can’t wait to hear LSP’s name and see a picture of your gorgeous girl/corn chip lol 🙂 x

  2. Good luck Sophypoo! I think that’s a fantastic solution to the chumlee issue. He can raise all sorts of hell in the garage and he’ll be just fine. Love the sneak peak at the nursery : ) There’s a South Park Episode where Cartman thinks his hand is J.Lo and she keeps singing a stupid song about Taco Kisses. I think Taco Kisses should be the new name of your blog.

    • I’m going to be looking for that episode to watch while I’m in hospital but I don’t want to laugh too much and hurt my tummy! I love Taco Kisses, I might see if I can use that somehow, which is fitting seeing as 4D&T was your idea too! xxx

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