Chum-Lee’s Choice – The Baby Expo Edition.


I have decided that I will post a regular feature on my blog called Chum-Lee’s Choice.  It really has nothing to do with my cat, but Chum-Lee’s Choice sounded way better than My Choice, or Sophia’s Choice or The Taco’s Choice.  And besides, D suggested it and I thought it was funny.  I promise to include a silly cat picture with every post.

What this is really about is stuff I like.  Basically, I tell you what I like and why it’s awesome.  Between the four kids I have tried and sampled just about everything child related and pretty much have an opinion on everything.  If I love it, I really want to tell people about it.  Similarly, if I think something is crap I’ll let you know that too!

Every once in a while you can expect to see a Chum-Lee’s Choice post.  No-one is giving me money or products to review, so these are my honest opinions and things that I truly use and/or love.

Today, my very first edition of Chum-Lee’s Choice is all about things I either saw or brought home from the expo.  Chum-Lee and I hope you enjoy.



Nibbly Bits Silicone Necklace


I have not worn any jewellery since T was born.  Kind of like, the only time I get to wear my hair out is when I am sleeping.  Those little hands will latch onto necklaces and hair alike and tug/suck/swallow until the cows come home.  Considering we don’t own any cows, he’ll be tugging for a very long time.  What’s a girl to do?  I can live with having my hair pulled back, but this Mumma Bear is sick of looking drab.

Solution?  Silicone jewellery!  Why have I never seen these before?  These are necklaces or bangle that you can wear which will not break when kiddos pull on them (special quick release clasp to save your neck) and are actually designed for your offspring to suck and chew on!  Made from super soft silicone that will not break or chip off in their mouth and feels good on those tender teething gums.  Also, something for little babies to play with while nursing.  H doesn’t do anything while nursing yet, but T used to try and stick his toes on my mouth, hold onto my nose, pinch my neck/nipple/lips and stick his fingers in my armpit.  To think these delightful behaviours could have been combated with a necklace to play with!

Not only are they practical, they look nice too.  I wore mine today, I wasn’t going anywhere, but I wanted to look nice and feel good.  D noticed and commented.  Win.  Guess who is getting lucky tonight?  T noticed the necklace too.  He had a play while quietly sitting on my lap (quiet and T do not usually go together) and had a taste test.  It passed.

You’re probably wondering what happens when it is all gross and covered in teething drool?  Just give it a wash with soapy water and drip dry!  Love it.  Got a super cute little koala pendant too which is sure to be a hit with T.


Pat-a-Cake Baby Wetbag

butterfly wetbag.pngsm

I get frustrated with the size of the wetbags I own.  Big enough for a day out with one baby but not for two.  And that is just to put all the dirty nappies, then you need another bag to out all the clean ones!  This wetbag is big.  I hung it on H’s change table and fit nearly her whole day’s worth of nappies in it.

Special features include a big pocket on one side and two smaller pockets on the other, so you can shove your clean naps in a pocket and some wipes and cream in the others.  I also like that it has a clip on handle so you can hang it on your pram or similar and it is made of material not elastic.  The cheapo wetbags I was using at home had a flimsy little elastic handle that was stretched to within an inch of its life after placing just one nappy in it.  This is much better.

Apparently the waterproof material is the top shelf stuff that will not grow mould.  So if you accidentally leave your bag of crappy nappies in the car for a few days to fester, all the nappies might get all manky but your wetbag will remain pristine.  I don’t have enough nappies to leave a bag in the car to rot, but there you go anyway.  Sold!

You can get these nappies here in Australia from Finlee and Me, they have some beautiful gorgeous things.  Check out their dribble bibs (got a couple) and their Christmas stockings!  I wanted one so bad for H but was not in the budget 😦


Cheeky Wipes All-in-one Kit

cheeky wipes

While we are on the subject of accessories for using cloth nappies, this kit has so far been worth its weight in gold.  I love it.  I never have to buy wipes again.  We were going through so many packets of wipes it was crazy.  I use wipes for everything – the high chair, messy hands and faces, clean the table, bums obviously, handprints on walls, spilled my coffee… You name it, I clean it with a wipe.

I now have 3 cloth wipe ‘stations’ in my house.  The full kit lives on my dining room table.  I have super soft coloured microfibre wipes in it to use on hands and faces and general cleaning/wiping.  I just pull out a clean wipe, clean what is dirty and drop it in the mucky wipes box and at the end of the day I chuck ’em in the wash with my nappies.

In the babies rooms I have just used a Huggies wipes container and made up a solution with the essential oils provided in the kit.  For nappy changes I use soft bamboo wipes and when they are used I just pop them strain in the nappy bucket with the dirty nappy.  That way, I have different coloured wipes for bums and faces.  Neat hey?

It is such a handy system, making cloth wipes easy and the oils smell lovely.  I highly recommend Cheeky Wipes, but you don’t need to buy more than one kit if you want to have wipes in different rooms, one kit is enough but you’ll probably need extra wipes.


Organic Baby Intensive Soothing Cream

baby cream

I needed to get a cream for nappy rash that was cloth safe.  You can’t use zinc based creams on cloth nappies because it wrecks them or something.  I don’t know why really, but apparently it is a big no-no.  I think the cream sticks to the inserts and won’t come out.

Last week T did a poo during his sleep and we with it might have been in there all night long because in the morning his poor bum was red raw, like weeping.  It was bad, real bad.  So bad in fact that I put him in disposables for a couple of days so I could smother his little tush with sudocream at every nappy change.

By the time I bought this, T was back in cloth but his bottom had not completely healed.  This cream cleared it up over night and has kept his butt kissable ever since.  It goes on like a dream and smells gorgeous.  I am not sure how it would go on a really bad rash, but certainly did the job on a medium rash and sped up the healing time.  I was impressed and will be getting a second tube for H’s room.

I got this from Little Innoscents, who have a wide range of lush and nourishing organic skin care for bubs, kids and mums alike.  And they do free shipping, just saying…


Love To Dream Swaddle Up



I did not buy any of these from the expo because I already have them.  I used them with T and I use them with H.  I cannot rave enough about these swaddles.  I love them.

Have you ever noticed that you see so many ultrasound pictures of babies with their hands up by their faces or sucking their thumbs?  Babies like to have access to their hands, it helps to soothe them.  But how do you let your baby suck on her hand while ensuring they feel secure and not wake themselves back up with the startle reflex?  Easy, zip ’em up nice and snug in one of these little babies.  Unicorn awesome.


Pram Liner by Bambella Designs

pram liner

I really really really wanted to get a couple of pram liners to jazz up the double pram (bus).  This lady from Bambella Designs makes the most beautiful liners and car seat covers and trolley seat liners and things like that.  Alas, as much as I like these, the budget was tight so they will have to wait until another time.

She has a huge range of gorgeous fabrics to choose from and can even make a cover to custom fit your particular pram. I am quite partial to owls and the Very Hungry Caterpillar spots print.

I really hate that I am forever trying to clean crumbs out of the seams in the seat of the pram.  Why can’t T eat cleaner?  I would love pram liners so I can chuck them in the wash.  Not an easy job to clean the pram and quite frankly, who the hell has time?  No-one with kids that’s for sure.  But then, if you didn’t have kids you wouldn’t have a dirty pram to clean would you?  This conversation is going nowhere.

OK.  I think that is enough for now.  Well, what did you think of Chum-Lee’s Choice?  Boring?  Interesting?  Helpful?  None of the above?

And now for the silly cat picture I promised.

Silly Chumbelina and Silly Kai

Silly Chumbelina and Silly Kai

I am not impressed.

I am not impressed.

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  1. Soph, thanks to you I have just ordered two carseat covers and a pram cover! Not really in the budget but couldn’t resist!

  2. I’m putting the wipes and swaddles on my amazon wish list – thanks heaps! By the way – I thought you should know that Amy said she loved the way Kristi’s tacos looked on BnB ; P Its been making me school girl giggle all day and I knew you’d appreciate hearing that. Kristi posted pics of tacos she ate in South Beach on vacation and that is what Amy was referring too, but its way funnier out of context.

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