I have conquered my fear of the night nappy.


I have said it before and I will say it again.  I love sleep.  I love sleep so much that I would marry it, and I love it that my babies love sleep to.  I don’t like anything that interferes with my sleep, be it a barking dog or a farting husband, a mosquito buzzing in my ear or a tap drip drip dripping, a headache or a cold wet nappy.  Not on me, I stopped wearing nappies years ago.  I mean, on my babies of course.  I would not like to sleep in soggy undies and I would not expect my babies to do so either.

zzzzzzzzzz sleep is goooooood

zzzzzzzzzz sleep is goooooood


The last thing in the world I want to do now that my babies are both sleeping all the ning nong night for me is put something on them that is not going to hold all the wee.  This is why I had never been all that interested in doing cloth at night.  I am scared.  I am scared of sad, wet, crying babies in the middle of the night.  I am scared of changing sheets and clothes and dealing with a baby that thinks it is then playtime at 2am.  I am scared of the already huge bags under my eyes taking over my face.  I am scared of being a tired, shit mummy and a crappy wife.  Sorry to say, that my sleep has been more important to me than the environment and all that jazz.


Now, doing disposables at night has its own issues.  Originally, one of the reasons I stared doing cloth was because of the new stench of death that was coming from T’s butt once he started doing solid food poos and the foulness that was filling his room from his nappy bin.  Now, I put his dirty cloth nappies straight into the nappy bucket in the laundry but I still have to have a small bin in his room for disposables.  I double wrap any morning poo nappies in nappy sacks but there is STILL a lingering smell no matter what.  It is so frustrating!  I want a nice smelling room, especially in gloomy winter when we can’t have all the windows open and airing things out.

T has also stared leaking out of his disposables quite often.  I know we have to cut out the bottle of milk before bed, I have no idea how to do that!  It is the only bottle he has and he loves it so much!  We have reduced the amount of milk to 150ml, do I just keep on reducing it until he doesn’t bother drinking it?  Any advise is appreciated!  Thank goodness, this wetness doesn’t wake him up, but my fear of changing clothes and sheets has still been realised, I just have to do it every morning instead of during the night.  This is not working for me.


Leaking nappies and stinky rooms had started me thinking that there had to be a better way.  I tried a more expensive disposable – still leaked and did nothing for the smell factor.  Maybe, just maybe, could it be possible that a cloth nappy could hold more wee than a disposable?

The other thing that got me thinking more seriously about night nappies was simply how much I am enjoying doing cloth now.  I really do like putting beautiful, environmentally friendly, money saving poo catchers on my babies and I am strangely finding myself wanting to potentially jeopardise MY SLEEP to experiment with finding a night nappy solution.

Am I nuts?  Quite possibly, but nonetheless, I decided to give it a go.  I thought I would try both babies on the same night, and crossed my fingers, toes and boobs that they stayed dry and more importantly – stayed asleep!


I already had in my stash an unused Cushie Tushies night booster which had been folded nicely and pushed to the back of my cupboard since I first started using cloth last year.  I pulled this out and rewashed it in preparation.  This is a trifold booster that you lay under the existing boosters in the nappy.  It made is butt extra big and was pretty funny watching him waddle around with the extra padding between his legs but he didn’t seem to mind.

Cushie Tushie with tri-fold night booster

Cushie Tushie with tri-fold night booster

A big 'ol fluffy butt and a foot.

A big ‘ol fluffy butt and a foot.

For H, I didn’t have any specific night nappies but had kindly been given a night booster by the lovely Emma on the Bambooty stand at the baby expo when I purchased a pack of Easy One Size Bambooty nappies.  It took me a while to get used to fitting these on H, but now that I have mastered them and found a size fitting that suits her I am liking them very much.  They are now right up there with Bumgenius as my favourites.  I think I love the fit and comfort factor on Bumgenius the absolute best but I really like that there is no unclipping or pulling inserts of out pockets before washing with the Bambooty, just chuck ’em in the wash and be done with it.

Bambooty with snap in night booster

Bambooty with snap in night booster

Another gorgeous chunky butt.

Another gorgeous chunky butt.


So there I was.  I had 2 babies bathed and ready for bed.  I took a deep breath and potentially kissed my good night sleep goodbye while getting them dressed in their pyjamas and cloth nappies.  T in his night boosted Cushie Tushie and H in her night boosted Bambooty.  Nice big chunky padded cloth bums.  Trees, you can thank me now.

Honestly, I don’t think I slept a wink.  I kept on expecting them to wake up screaming for warm dry clothes.  Every time I heard a little sound from either of their rooms, I thought to myself, ‘here we go, I knew this was a bad idea,’ as I pulled myself out of bed to put on my dressing gown and trudge off down the hall.  But, those little night whimpers and sighs were nothing more than dream noises, because my two little hippy babies didn’t wake up cold and wet.  They didn’t wake up at all.

Come 6:30 in the morning and babies quietly wake up at their normal time.  No babies are crying or distressed because they are cold and wet.  H is full of sweetness and smiles as I give her a morning cuddle, while feeling every inch of her clothing for that inevitable leak.  Nope!  No leak at all.  I lay her down to change her nappy and I am shocked that her soft little tushie is perfectly dry.  There is nothing wet or soggy down there at all, and no rash!  The Bambooty kept her perfectly dry all night long.  I was really surprised.

Now, H is just a tiny baby, how much wee can she really do anyway?  The real test will be to see how T went…

T is calling out and making his usual morning noises.  A cross between talking to his bears and imaginary friends and calling out to let us know he is up.  I open the door to see a happy smiling face, beaming at me from his cot.  OK, so he isn’t miserable.  He is probably still wet, he is always wet.  I feel his butt, his pyjamas, his sleep sack, his sheets.  Dry, dry, dry and dry.  Disbelief!  No way!

Sure enough, when I changed him, he had not sprung a leak and his bum was soft and dry.  I was totally blown away.  However, these night nappies sure were stinky!  Just goes to show how much chemical stuff goes into disposables to mask that kind of manky urine smell.


So there you have it.  I am no longer scared of using cloth at night.  I prefer it, but I am still not a full time cloth mum.  I only have one night booster for each child so I am really only getting every third night in a cloth nappy at the moment.  Being winter with little sun, it takes a while for my nappies and boosters to dry.

There is also the tiny little problem I have that is trying to get my husband to conquer his cloth nappy fear.  As D usually takes T into the shower with him and gets him dressed for bed, he will ALWAYS reach for a disposable.  He is seriously scared of cloth, I think he thinks a cloth monster is going to jump out and eat his face off.  He doesn’t mind taking them off, but for some unknown reason, he just won’t put them on!  I have managed to get him to use them only a few times.  Does anyone else have a husband who is scared of cloth?  How did you get him to face his fear?  Or are they all just big sooky babies?

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  1. Yay progress! Better get you some more night boosters I think. You will be a fulltime cloth nappy half hippy mumma in no time.
    x Carmen from Cushie Tushies.

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