A mother always knows her rapscallion toddler is up to some kind of mischief when she can’t hear him.


I was quietly feeding H on the couch while T Bear was watching Baby Einstein.  He got up and played with some toys, read some books, toddled off into the kitchen, grabbed his water bottle, came back and gave H a head pat, went here, went there.  No biggy, all the cupboards in the kitchen are locked.  He can’t get himself into too much trouble.


I look adoringly at my sparkle princess while she nurses and take a few photos with my phone.



It is then that I realise I can’t hear T.


Uh oh, I smell trouble.

I call him… Nothing.


I detach H and pop her in the swing while I go and investigate.

This is what I find.



So now it seems that not only can he reach things that are left on the edge of the kitchen bench, he can also undo lids.



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