Sad Cat is sad.


Things are bad, very very bad,

Not good, not good at all.

Our cat is sad, very very sad,

He will not chase a ball.


We are beyond worried about our Chumtastic.  He is not in a good way at all.  The super young and beautiful vet lady couldn’t actually find what was wrong with him on Thursday.  She said he was definitely in a lot of pain in his legs and hips area but couldn’t feel any fractures anywhere.  He had a fever and an enlarged bladder.  She was a bit worried that he wasn’t able to pee so her and the vet nurse expressed some urine to check that the doodle was in working order.  I wonder if that is like expressing breastmilk – a little squeeze and out it squirts?

She checked him for bites and ticks.  She felt his belly for obstructions in his intestines.  He was very grumpy.

He was given two injections.  A precautionary antibiotic in case it was caused by an infection of some sort and a anti-inflammatory which would last for 48 hours.  This would bring down his fever, reduce his pain and the inflammation in his hind legs.  And it did, it certainly made a big improvement.  He ate a little food, purred, could walk around and was even able to jump the pool fence.  I would not say he was 100% better but was certainly a lot more normal.


48 hours after his injection he began to deteriorate.

He is now having trouble moving and walking.  Won’t eat.  Won’t drink.  Isn’t going to the toilet.  Just sleeps.  Doesn’t purr.  It has us completely baffled and very worried.


We have been making him drink some water with a syringe.  D got some super cat vitamin and nutrition gel stuff and we have managed to get him to lick a bit off our fingers.  If there is no improvement by tomorrow he’ll have to go back to the vet for some more exploratory tests.  X-rays and bloods = big cat bucks.

Come on Chum Bucket, get better!




And now a little ditty by Sergeant Starfruit (a.k.a Kai) because he wanted to write a poem too.


There was a jolly prince,

He was a clumsy fool.

Princey did a big poo,

Then he started to drool.



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  1. I’m so sorry that chumlee isn’t doing so hot. Is he doing any better today? I REALLY hope this doesn’t result in enormous vet bills for you. I’m taking my dog to the vet on Thursday for just a check up and already dreading the bill.

    • We were all set to take him to the vet on Monday morning after I wrote this post but when we woke up he had improved so much and is getting better and better! He’s eating and pooing and back to annoying us in the morning! So happy 🙂

  2. Thank goodness! That’s awesome. My perfectly healthy dog just cost me $200 for a well check, heart worm meds and ear cleaning solution – ouch.

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