Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease? Ahh crap.


Just when things were starting to look up.  Hand, Foot and Mouth enters our house.

Someone, somewhere was kind enough to give their germy germs to T.  Thanks a million, mystery sickness sharer.

I am now stuck at home until Dr Google says we can enter the land of the living again.  In quarantine.  Cut off from society.  House bound.  You get the picture.

Only problem with this diagnosis is that T is perfectly fine.  Seriously, if it wasn’t for the blisters I found on his feet we wouldn’t even know he was diseased.  He has it so mild, it is ridiculous.  There is about 20 on each foot, 3/4 on each hand and 1 spot on his tongue that I can see.  Oh, and a few around his butt hole.  No fever, no sick, no pain.  He can still pitch a tantrum like nobody’s business, but that is common practice around here.

I'm not sick!!! Let me play!!!

I’m not sick! Let me play! Or I will see how loud I can yell.  How do you like them apples Mum? 


For those of you that do not know, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, which is not to be confused with Mad Cow Disease (it’s not even a disease – it’s just a virus), is an annoyingly common and usually mild childhood illness that spreads faster than a rumour in the playground.  It affects, you guessed it, the hands, feet and mouth with little blisters which are accompanied with fever, general unwell and a sore throat.  Sometimes, like with T, it can be quite a benign illness but some kids can get it pretty bad.  We’ve been lucky.

Spots of Confinement. No, that is not an ugly misshapen penis.  It is T's big, fat, diseased toe.

Spots of Confinement.
No, that is not an ugly misshapen penis. It is T’s big, fat, diseased toe.

So far H has not presented with any symptoms, so I think we might be in the clear with her.  Fingers crossed.  It looks as if my super magical wonder boob milk has protected another of my babies from a nasty virus.  Go boobs!  Boob milk kicks sicks butt.


So I have this healthy diseased toddler at home going crazy.  I cannot tell you how many times we have watched Elmo’s Adventure In Grouchland in the last few days, but I could do a one woman recital of the entire movie.  None of T’s friends that he has played with in the last week have gotten sick or come down with blisters, which is great, really it is, but it would be kinda nice if he had a sick little buddy to play with.  Give Mumma Bear and Elmo a little respite!

Trying to keep the not sick, sick beast amused.

Trying to keep the not sick, sick beast amused.

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  1. Hi Sophia – we had this problem with Darcey on the school holidays – total lockdown quarantine – they had three confirmed cases of it in Darcey’s room at daycare wk 1 of holidays so we kept her home thinking it would help – come Tuesday wk 2 – 10 blisters (7 day incubation period) she was the same at T (no temps, no symptoms) just BOOM! and cause she is a finger sucker and we tried not to let Harry get it – we isolated them totally – decontimated our house every night spraying and disinfecting the whole house – what a shit disease and no vaccine or immunisation – AAARGH! I feel your pain totally – once the blisters dry out he should be good it took a week for Darcey

    • It’s a huge PIA. So, did Harry end up catching it? Hazel still has not got any blisters and it has been 6 days since Theo’s showed so I am hoping my breastmilk will protect he like it protected Theo when Jai had chickenpox. It is near impossible to keep them apart.

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