Magical Milestones – T Bear’s expanding vocabulary.


It seems that T is learning a new word practically every single day.  He does now FINALLY say Mum, even though he is still a total Daddy’s boy.  First thing he says to me when I walk into his room in the morning after a massive grin, is ‘Dad?’  To which I usually reply something along the lines of, ‘Nope, just me – boring old Mum.  Dad’s in bed.’


I was saying to D just the other night that we have to get some video footage of T talking and making some of the adorable noises that makes before he stops doing it and we forget what they were.  It is very hard to video T, as he has a total camera fetish, actually is it an ‘any type of hand held device or technology fetish’, and he just wants to be on the operating end.  As soon as you pull a camera out, he stops whatever he is doing and will crash tackle you for it.


This morning was a stroke of genius.  Film the kid while in the high chair.  Win.

Quality ain’t great as I was using my iPhone, but the audio is still shitting itself on my other camera, so iPhone it is.

T has a go-to word for anything he can’t say.  It is also his word for ‘I love you’.  You’ll hear it – dadalet.  He can also count.  But every number sounds like 2.


I forgot to ask him to make animal noises which is seriously cute, but he was not interested in making another video.  He REALLY wanted to watch Elmo.  Favourite is the tiger noise – raa raa raa.  Interestingly, tiger noise sounds a lot like lion noise and bear noise…

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