My very bestest of the best and most ridiculous and down right absurd search terms.


I quite often get a chuckle out of the search engine terms from my blog stats.  I sometimes post the exceptionally funny ones on my Facebook page but today I thought I would compile all of the best ones in one place for you to chuckle over.  I think seriously, someone typed THAT into their search engine and got my blog?  WTF?  These are 100% real and simply cut and pasted with no editing at all.


sexy toe
a boy touching girls boobs pictures
sexy lesbians sucking red toes porn
pinterest milky tits
images of very so cute and funny images of babies trying very hard to push out there poo poo
university lecture theatre sex
silver bullet(frozen turd)
vagina de pornstar
harry potter felt the padding between his legs from his nappy
images of very so cute and funny faces like poo poo faces of babies
girl breastfeeding cat
cat breastfeeding girls
chicken plug poo
pinterest and foot fetish
mother in law makes me wear her clothes
sexy nude aunty with penis in pussy
women sexy feet finger soles toes death
damage controlman controlman meme
prepubescent boys feeling each other
how can i tell if i have maggots in me
tasting my dads doodle love it
went to work with a vibrator in me
how to make my breast a treat for a birthday surprise
bitches be like i want my long hair back
wife made me wear a nappy
recliners that don’t look like recliners


There were more.  Sooooo many more.  Very very disturbing.  Is my blog bordering on pornographic?

Right fess up peeps.  If YOU were responsible for finding me via any of those search terms comment below so we can all laugh and mock you!  I really don’t care how perverted/weird/crazy you are, stay and party Taco style xxx

cray cray

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    • Classic! Isn’t it funny how most of the weirdo ones are sex/porn/fetish related? Hmmmm, makes you wonder…
      And I have also wondered why there are no gay Disney princes!!

      • I did a post called ‘A Fat Disney Princess’ in which I talked about what would have happened if they were 300lbs… I added the idea of a gay prince as an afterthought but there seems to be a lot of people thinking the same thing…

      • I get a heap of traffic from people with foot fetishes. I posted a picture of my freshly painted toenails once which I called ‘porn star red’…

      • Ahh, that makes sense. I wouldn’t dare post a pic of my feet – they’re disgusting. Although thinking about it I could post one to scare the foot fetishists??

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