Another Magical Milestone – H likes to chat too.


I have been terribly slack with the whole ‘recording of milestone business’.  I think that naturally happens the more kids you have.  By the time number 4 comes along, you are lucky if you remember when they took their first step.  This is my attempt at remembering the good stuff for posterity’s sake.

H is such a quiet and chilled out little cherub, that when she decides she wants to have a chat, you stop and listen.  She will tell you an amazing story if you take the time to talk with her.  She has some important things to say.

She did start her cooing some weeks ago, but her little noises were few and far between.  She was just so content to sit and watch the world go by.  But now, she seems to have realised that she can interact with the world and will sometimes go on like this for an hour or so.  While she is still my quiet little girl, I have a feeling we will be having some very in depth conversations together in the future, about shoes, horses, makeup, butterflies, Harry Potter and boys.  Possibly while we sip pretend tea from miniature tea cups at a tea party.  My little confidant and future shopping companion.

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