Clickety-click. Make me a Top Mummy.


You might have noticed the Top Mummy (Mommy) Blogs banner in my side bar.  You know, the picture of the sparkly mum, juggling all manner of mummy tasks effortlessly.  I just bet she is wearing slutty undies under that spotless apron and is a little hornbag in the bedroom too.  Just add that to her seemingly endless list of domestic goddess skills.

Just like me.  In an alternate universe… (except the bedroom part – I’m like a tiger.  Raa)

You can help me become a little bit more famous, and a tiny bit closer to world domination by clicking on that banner. Perfect Mum over there >>>> keeps track of all the votes I get and each one means my little blog moves up another rung on the mummy blog ladder.  Every click means a vote for my dumb blog.  You don’t have to register or do anything annoying like that.  Just click and you have voted.

Let’s cut to the chase.  I’m nowhere near as famous as I want to be.  No-one recognises me when I walk down the street and I haven’t had to give out my autograph since my last credit card application.  My biggest fans tell me they love me with slobber, spaghetti stains on my best Kmart top, gummy smiles and giggles, but I want more goddammit!

Just click on that banner every time you visit my blog and cast me a vote.  EVERY TIME.  I will repay you with my witty repartee and a Pina Colada.


Much obliged my friends.  Much obliged.

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