Hello Blog Land, I’m Sophia.  Pleased to make your acquaintance.  Most people call me Soph, I’m totes fine with that, just don’t call me Sophie.  That’s not my name.  I’m just a normal girl living a normal existence, although to a few young people around here, I am Super Woman.  I am Mum.  I live on the East Coast of Australia, where the sun is always shining (except when it’s not, and at night) with my little family.

There are 4 doodles living in my house.  There is a big doodle, it belongs to my husband Dave.  Two medium sized doodles, attached to Kai, my son and Jai, my step-son.  One wee little doodle – our baby, Theo.  And then there is me, the lone vagiburger a.k.a. The Taco, surrounded in the sea of testosterone.  Yup, it’s all balls (the ones you play with and the other ones you play with), sweat, play wrestling that accidentally on purpose always ends up with someone getting hurt, toilet seats that get left up, cars, dirt and mess at my place.  Never a dull moment!  But did I mention all the love and laughter?  There is plenty of that too.  Us mums really do have a love affair with our boys – big and small.


Hold the phone!!!  Things in Taco Land have been turned on their head!  The above was true for a time when I started this little blog, but since then, things have CHANGED.

The biggest and most important change around here has been the expanding size of my breasts.  Kidding.  Not really, the reason my boobs became gazoongas was not a breast enhancement, but a surprise pregnancy.  That is right, the size of my brood has increased to include – a daughter, a.k.a. the Corn Chip.  It didn’t feel right calling my sweet little baby girl a taco, so she is a corn chip.  Our life, our hearts and my need for some pink are filled, now that Hazel is part of our family.

Oh yes, and we adopted a cat and named him Chum-Lee.


At the moment, it’s all fun and games at home for me with my little Theo Bear and my Little Hazelnut, but one day the time will come that I have to return to work again and be all professional and shit.  In my professional capacity, I am a primary school teacher, so I am pretty much surrounded by kids all the ding dong day, and the ning nong night.  Yes, I am that kind of teacher.  I am partial to dropping the occasional S-bomb – but never in front of the kids, that would be BAD, and besides this blog is for big people!

So that’s me, and this is my blog.  Please stay and have a cup of tea.  Or a caramel latte.  Hot chocolate?  Pina Colada?  Whatever tickles your fanny.

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