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Put your face on and do your hair. We’ve been shot and Tameka can shoot you too!


This is a really triumphant moment for me.  I have been successful in convincing D to participate in a family photo shoot.  You know he is not a big lover of the camera and will always do his best to sabotage photos with a goofy face.  Every.  Single.  Time.


The gorgeous and talented Tameka from Tree Pretty Photography has taken our photos before.  Last year she did a photo shoot with what I thought were going to be all my children.  D got out of that one.  You can see last years shoot here.  Little did I know that I was soon to discover we were expecting one more!  Now we really do have all of our children, our family is as big as it is going to get, so it is of ever increasing importance to me to secure that illusive family photo.  A photo with us all in it.  A photo where we all look normal and like we love each other.  A photo that we could even put on our wall and not cringe every time we walk past it.

Tameka is running a freakingly good value promotion on the 16th November, which is in 2 weeks!  She is offering mini photo shoots on the beach.  You get a half hour time slot with 5 different ‘poses’ and the high resolution, edited photos in both black and white and colour will be emailed to you to do with as you please!



Now, there are a few great things about this opportunity.

  1. If you have a crabby photophobic husband like mine, he will be far more likely to participate in something that will be over very quickly.  You can give him a massive guilt trip until he says yes.
    Me:  What, our family is not important enough for you to give up half an hour of your day?
  2. Couldn’t be more easy for the goofy non-model people.  Walk in, walk out.  She has heaps of ideas ready to go.  Tameka has ‘The Eye’ and knows what will look good and work for your family.  She will tell you what to do and you just need to bring the smiles and have fun.  Practice your photo face in the car on the way to the beach.
  3. Sunny or overcast, the setting could not be more beautiful.
  4. Do I really have to point out how unbelievably cheap the deal is?  $50!  That is super good.  I was pulled in to take those portrait photos in the shopping centre recently.  They were asking $80 for ONE PHOTO!  And that is it, no digital file, nothing else.  Crazy.  (I remained strong though – ‘I’ll just take my free one please’) $50 and you can print, share and reprint as many times as you like.


I went into the shoot with a mental note of what shoots I wanted to get – the family, the kids, the boys, the babies, me and D, and little Crazy Hazey. That is 6 shots instead of 5, but I am super dooper lucky because I am good friends with Tameka’s sister, so I think she was extra generous with me.

We started off at the beach.  Unfortunately, the weather was very unkind to us.  It was as hot as Hades and blowing and absolute gale.  Hair blowing everywhere, sand all up in our eyes, babies crying.  We got a few shots in but decided to do a re-shoot in the park on a less windy day.  But don’t worry, weather looks good for 2 weeks time.  I checked.

Here are some photos from both locations.  I think you will agree that they both make a spectacular backdrop.  I personally love the green woodland type background more than the beach!  But don’t worry, if you like the trees better too, I am pretty sure Tameka is planning another event like this in a park soon.  How lucky am I?  I kind of got a 2 for 1 deal!  Now let’s see if I got the 6 shots I wanted…


The Family.





The Kids.



The Boys.



The babies.



Me and D.




Crazy Hazey.




Some extras.



So there you have it.  Beautiful photos once again.  Thank you very much Tameka!  Please, if you are on the Gold Coast or planning to visit on the 16th and have half an hour up your sleeve to create some lasting memories, or just looking for a great photographer, do yourself a favour and call Tameka from Tree Pretty Photography.  You won’t be sorry!

Which ones do you like?

The Shared Room – Part 2.


We left off here.  It was the first night of the babies sharing a room.  I published that post and woke up to a dead computer.  My old mate has now been revived and I need to update you on the shared room shenanigans.



That first night was pretty good.  I hardly slept a wink, as I was sure every little noise from either baby was going to wake the other one, so I was on a continual state of stand-by mode.  I was ready to run in there and pounce on the noisy baby, and to whip them away faster than you can say ‘omgdontwakeyoursleepingbrother/sister!’  D of course slept through.

H started stirring around 4am.  She probably would have settled herself back to sleep but I wasn’t willing to risk it.  I scooped her out of bed and boobed her.  T snored through the ordeal.  Once I got her back to bed I was able to snag myself an extra hour sleep before T woke up and started to call out, ‘Mum, Mum, Mum!’  This was at 5:30am, and I consider that to be a pretty good first night (for them anyway).

I always find it a little insulting that T wakes up and calls out to me, but the first thing he says when I drag my sleepy butt out of bed and into his room is, ‘Dad?’


The following day we had family visiting.  T’s aunty asked him to show her his room.  Off he ran and turned left down the hallway to his new room, where he ran up to his cot, banged it and said, ‘Bed!’  That said to me, he understood the room change and had accepted his new room.  This whole shared room thingy had to work because it would just be too hard on him to change back now.



I need not have worried.  Even the day time nap has been mostly smooth sailing.  H just does her own thing and T tries to talk to her until he gets bored of the one way conversation and chats to his bears for a bit, before falling asleep too.  We listen out for sibling rivalry on the baby monitor but there has been none.  What we do hear is this – ‘Haaadel, Haaadel, Haaadel, Haaaaaaaaadel.  Mum.  Mum.  Dad.  Haaadel.  (gurgle from H)  Kai?  Kai?  Haaadel.  Jai.  Cat.  Mum?  Haaadel.  Dad, Dad, Dad…….’  Silence.  Snores commence.



It is not perfect, they do wake each other up, but usually around general wake up time anyway.  But seriously, who has two babies and has perfect sleepers all the time anyway?  I have it good.  I know I have it good.  My babies are rock stars.


I have not done a lot with the room design yet.  I will get there eventually, but what I can say is that J has already turned his new room into a bomb site.  Seriously!  And he has only lived in there for 1 week!!!  Meh, dirty teenage boys!  At least he can now stop terrorising K with his ‘personal grooming’ habits.

Another Magical Milestone – H likes to chat too.


I have been terribly slack with the whole ‘recording of milestone business’.  I think that naturally happens the more kids you have.  By the time number 4 comes along, you are lucky if you remember when they took their first step.  This is my attempt at remembering the good stuff for posterity’s sake.

H is such a quiet and chilled out little cherub, that when she decides she wants to have a chat, you stop and listen.  She will tell you an amazing story if you take the time to talk with her.  She has some important things to say.

She did start her cooing some weeks ago, but her little noises were few and far between.  She was just so content to sit and watch the world go by.  But now, she seems to have realised that she can interact with the world and will sometimes go on like this for an hour or so.  While she is still my quiet little girl, I have a feeling we will be having some very in depth conversations together in the future, about shoes, horses, makeup, butterflies, Harry Potter and boys.  Possibly while we sip pretend tea from miniature tea cups at a tea party.  My little confidant and future shopping companion.

Magical Milestones – T Bear’s expanding vocabulary.


It seems that T is learning a new word practically every single day.  He does now FINALLY say Mum, even though he is still a total Daddy’s boy.  First thing he says to me when I walk into his room in the morning after a massive grin, is ‘Dad?’  To which I usually reply something along the lines of, ‘Nope, just me – boring old Mum.  Dad’s in bed.’


I was saying to D just the other night that we have to get some video footage of T talking and making some of the adorable noises that makes before he stops doing it and we forget what they were.  It is very hard to video T, as he has a total camera fetish, actually is it an ‘any type of hand held device or technology fetish’, and he just wants to be on the operating end.  As soon as you pull a camera out, he stops whatever he is doing and will crash tackle you for it.


This morning was a stroke of genius.  Film the kid while in the high chair.  Win.

Quality ain’t great as I was using my iPhone, but the audio is still shitting itself on my other camera, so iPhone it is.

T has a go-to word for anything he can’t say.  It is also his word for ‘I love you’.  You’ll hear it – dadalet.  He can also count.  But every number sounds like 2.


I forgot to ask him to make animal noises which is seriously cute, but he was not interested in making another video.  He REALLY wanted to watch Elmo.  Favourite is the tiger noise – raa raa raa.  Interestingly, tiger noise sounds a lot like lion noise and bear noise…

Why leaving the house can be like a marathon event – long and arduous, with seemingly no end in sight.


I have a feeling my last post might have left you thinking that I have really got my shit together and am juggling these 2 babies with the skill of a circus clown.  Well, I am attempting to juggle, but doing so like a clown in training, who is constantly dropping his balls.

Sometimes, leaving the house in the morning runs smoothly.  Sometimes, like this morning, it goes like this:


T wakes up at 6.  This is fine, it is my preferred baby wake up time.  If he wakes at 6 he is nice and tired by 11, then he has a nap and is awake by 1 at the latest, which gives him enough time to play and get tired for bed time at 6:30.  He seems happy enough.  I change his nappy, have some cuddle time and a chat, make a coffee and give him the box of Nutrigrain to help himself to.  What?  Not acceptable parenting?  Either he eats them out of the box and then has a cup of milk or I make him a bowl.  No diff.  And besides, eating from the box is FUN!

K wakes up and says hello to T.  T decides he wants to play in the big boy room but J is still sleeping so K shuts the door.  Cue T’s first tantrum of the day.  T plants his butt on the floor in the hallway and screams.  H wakes up.  K says that T hates him.


Excited mummy voice, ‘T, can you hear that?  It’s H.  H is awake!  Shall we go and say hello?  Come on, let’s go and get H up!’

H is just wriggling around in her cot with the hiccups.  T runs in and sticks his arm in the cot to give her a good morning smack on the head and poke in the eye.  I get Princess H out of bed and give her a kiss.  T tells me he wants to give her a kiss too.  I bend down so he can rub his head on her head (that’s what he does when we say ‘give H a kiss’ – it’s very cute), I say ‘awww’ and T looks proud of himself.

Time to change H’s nappy.  I rub her belly 100 times, then I pump her legs up and down.  This is the morning routine guaranteed to make her fart and poo.  I find if I only rub her belly 50 times she only gets half of it out and then fills up her new nappy within minutes of changing it.  100 is the right amount of belly rubs it seems.  She can fart like a trooper.  She can give D and K a run for their money in the fart department.  When K was a baby, I didn’t wake up and listen to hear him breathing to see if he was alive, I just listened to hear him toot toot.

This is my poo face

This is my poo face

Once H has been changed I want to take her and T out to the lounge room so I can nurse H and T can play.  Well, T had other plans this morning.  He wanted breakfast.  I figured since he had already munched on some Nutrigrain it was only fair that he waited until H had her breakfast.  T did not like this.  Tantrum #2.  I just told him calmly that H had to have her milk and I would get his breakfast once she was done.  Then I left him to it on top of the steps while I got comfy on the couch with H and while she was nursing I read T’s favourite book aloud WITHOUT HIM.  T did not want to miss out so he came and joined me.  Mummy Wins.

2 happy babies

2 happy babies after boob and book


This is about when I start watching the clock and trying to time things so I can get out the door in a timely fashion.  Everything needs to be planned and often relies on H going down for her first nap (and staying asleep which can be hard with the boys and D all getting ready for school – it can get loud).  H can now last around 1 hour before she gets tired and that usually means that by the time T is eating his breakfast she wants to go to sleep.

I know I have said that I have got the sleep thing sorted, and I do have it pretty good most of the time, but I still need to make sure that H is in a calm and happy place for her to fall asleep in her own.  In the mornings this can be difficult to achieve, so I often bounce her with my foot in the bouncer while T eats breakfast.  This helps her block the chaos that is unfolding around her.  Once she is asleep or sleepy I move her to her room.  While she is napping I run around doing everything else I need to do to get organised for our morning outings – school lunches, get boys out the door, load of washing, pack T’s morning tea, get T dressed, get myself ready etc.

If everything goes to plan, I can sneak H out of bed and into the car to arrive at our destination by 9ish, just in time for her to wake up and want her next feed.  Sometimes, like today, it does not go to plan.


Did I mention that when J woke up he announced that he had to be at school early this morning for band practice?  This was immediately before he went and laid on the couch for half and hour…


Time to get T’s breakfast organised.  Toast, yogurt, fruit.  No problems, he is eating with gusto.  H is happily getting bounced staring off into ‘I’m getting sleepy land’.  Cue the beginning of ‘everything that can prevent H from sleeping’.  K can’t find this, J needs that, T wants some water, I need to poo.  Every time I need to get up, I stop bouncing H and her eyes ping back to AWAKE.

Finally she is close to sleepy so I chance it and pop her into bed.  I just knew that she wasn’t going to go to sleep by the time I left the room but thought the sleep fairies might be on my side and she might just drop off.  And she almost does.


So it is time for the boys to leave to get J to school on time for practice.  D is ready.  K is ready.  You guessed it, J is not.  He has not brushed his teeth, nor has he packed his lunch.  We rush him off to do his teeth and D does his lunch.  All this time, I have T ready to do the ‘wave goodbye routine’, where we stand at the garage door and wave the boys off as they reverse out.  If we don’t wave goodbye, T will crack the shits and the day is over before it begins.  Meanwhile, I hear H start to cry a little.

Teeth are brushed, lunch is packed, they are almost out the door.  D says, ‘hang on a minute J, have you printed out your Spanish assignment yet?’  Of course he hasn’t!!!  T is getting impatient, H turns it up a notch.  D prints out The assignment and they are almost out the door again.  J hasn’t packed his books.  FUCK.


H is really crying, I can’t wait any more but I can’t leave T up there because he will want to go in the car with them if I am not holding him for ‘wave goodbye routine’ or he will do a Indiana Jones dive under the garage door while it closes and roam free in the neighbourhood or just get run over.  All three situations are unacceptable.  So I take him with me.

‘Come on T, H is awake let’s go and give her a hug!’  As soon as we get to her room she fills her nappy.  Awesome.  ‘Oh T, H has done a poo! Time to change her nappy!’  I just get her pants off and D comes down to say goodbye.  Of course T wants to go with him so I have D shut the bedroom door and close T in with me.  T flings himself against the back of the door.  His world is over.  Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad waaaait fooooooor meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! FUCK.


Mumma Bear does a song and a dance and something stupid to make him laugh and calm down.  Now the fun really starts.  Once again in happy mode T sets off on his daily quest to destroy and rearrange everything in his path.

He wants to stand in front of me while I change H and tries to push me out of the way.
He pulls the nappies out of the box under the change table and distributes them over the floor.
He drops the sudocream, baby moisturiser and powder into the cot.
Now he wants to hop in the cot.
Comes and gives H a pat on the head.
Drop sudocream, baby moisturiser and powder on the floor.
Tries to climb out of cot so I lift him out.
Pulls all of H’s dirty clothes out of the hamper one by one and gives them to me like he is helping me with the washing – oh thank you T, you are so helpful!
I pile these clothes up on the end of the change table.
He wants to hop on the nursing chair but can’t get up himself.
He wants Bear.
He wants to hop of the chair.
He hides the sudocream, baby moisturiser and powder in random places so I have to go on a treasure hunt next time I need them.
He wants to say hello to H.
He wants to put things in the nappy bin.  No T, that is DIRTY.
He wants to go back in the cot.
Drops blankies and swaddle from in the cot over the edge.
Get me out of of the cot!
Hands Mum 3856 nappies.  Just trying to help.
Pulls out 506 wipes.
Gives H a kiss.

And we’re done, finally!


I give H a quick feed and then she chills on the mat while T and I run around packing bags and brushing teeth.  At last we are ready to go!

Shoes on, strap H into her car capsule and am just about to put her in the car, when you guessed it – poosplosion.  FUCK FUCK FUCK.

‘Hey T!  Guess what? H has done a poo!  Come on, let’s go and change her nappy (and all her clothes)!  Oh what fun!’


At last we are ready to go.  Both babies are smiling and we go to hop in the car.  As I am putting H in, Chum-Lee jumps in too.  He just sits there and watches while I strap everyone in.  That is until, I go to grab him and then he duck under the back seat into the boot.  Too far for me to reach under and it’s too deep for me to reach over the seats.  Are you serious?  Could this morning get any more annoying?  I have to open the back of the van and drag the cat out, and I mean drag because he has dug his claws in and isn’t letting go!


Cat is out.  Kids are in.  Let’s get the F out of here!

All of this just to get our of the house and let T have a run around in the park.

All of this just to get our of the house and let T have a run around in the park.

The very very very shoe-string budget girl nursery.


*** Disclaimer – This nursery is a random mismatch of new, second hand and home made stuff.  Nothing really matches.  If you want to see a picture perfect nursery where everything is beautiful you won’t find that here because quite frankly, those nurseries cost the Earth.  Even those who are super super crafty and can make shit to match, either spend a fortune on fabrics and things or don’t have 3 other children to run around after while decorating said nursery.


OK.  This is it.  I really like what I have created in Hazel’s room.  It’s pretty, it’s colourful and it is functional.  As I have said in my disclaimer – nothing matches.  I wish I had enough money to decorate the nursery of my dreams, but hey if I had that much cashola I wouldn’t have grey hair, wrinkles or Kmart bras.

This nursery was buuuuuudget.  Some things were reused, some super cheap eBay scores, some freebies, some random bits and bobs I found here and there, some gifts, some things I made and a few things were bought new.  A source list will follow the pics.  Keep in mind that we are renting so I was not able to make a crappy room better with a lick of paint.  Why is it landlords would rather you keep their house ugly instead of making it look better for them for free?

I had to also keep in mind that T is going to be moving into this room sometime down the track when both babies are sleeping perfectly and that will allow the big boys to finally have their own bedrooms again.  You have to remember that K and J are entering their teenage angst years where they need their own space to wank in private.  Because this is going to eventually be a shared boy/girl room I couldn’t go too overboard pinky pink pink.  I decided to go with a colour scheme that I can work with for both kids.  I have chosen aqua as a main colour that will tie in for both.  H’s side will be aqua and pink, while T’s side will be aqua and orange.  Gawd, I hope it will work as well as it does in my head!


Hold on to your hats – here it is…

Window treatments.  Bunting - Etsy.  Pompoms - left over sprinkle decorations.  Wall stickers - Etsy.  Hanging butterflies - Taco creation.

Window treatments. Bunting – Etsy. Pompoms – left over sprinkle decorations. Wall stickers – Etsy. Hanging butterflies – Taco creation.

Decorated wooden letters - Taco creation.

Decorated wooden letters – Taco creation.

Nursing chair - free from gumtree.  Owl wall art and cube storage unit - Ikea.  Owl lamp - I Love Lights.

Nursing chair – free from gumtree. Owl wall art and cube storage unit – Ikea. Owl lamp – I Love Lights.

$10 cot - eBay

$10 cot – eBay

I prefer not to have noisy flashing cot mobiles but I love this mobile of silk butterflies from Cambodia.  Handed down from Theo.  Give it a spin and the butterflies will dance over sleepy baby, lulling her to sleep.

I prefer not to have noisy flashing cot mobiles but I love this mobile of silk butterflies from Cambodia. Handed down from T. Give it a spin and the butterflies will dance over sleepy baby, lulling her to sleep.


Changing colours to mesmerise baby during nappy changes - I Love Lights

Changing colours to mesmerise baby during nappy changes – I Love Lights

Theo's change table - an eBay score.  The table is an odd size - long and narrow, so I could get a mat for it but couldn't find a cover to fit.  I have used a $5 Ikea blanket.

This was T’s change table – an eBay score. The table is an odd size – long and narrow, so I could get a mat for it but couldn’t find a cover to fit. I have used a $5 Ikea blanket.

Wall stickers and butterflies

Wall stickers and butterflies



This is the only area of the room I have not yet finished.  Dave brought the lotus flower lamp home from his last trip to Cambodia.  All my children have an Oink money box.

This is the only area of the room I have not yet finished. D brought the lotus flower lamp home from his last trip to Cambodia. All my children have an Oink money box.

I am planning on turning this nook into a book nook some time in the future, but for now the giant My Little Pony can live here.  The chair will move out into the lounge room when she is old enough to sit in it.  If we move it out now, the boys will trash it before she gets to use it.

I am planning on turning this nook into a book nook some time in the future, but for now the giant My Little Pony can live here. The chair will move out into the lounge room when she is old enough to sit in it. If we move it out now, the boys will trash it before she gets to use it.  T has a matching one in blues and greens.

I don't waste money of beautiful cot quilts, bumpers and pillows.  My babies just sleep on a sheet.  I traditionally wrap them for the first few weeks then I sleep them in a zip up swaddle and progress to a sleeping bag.  We had a beautiful silk cot quilt made in Cambodia for Theo which he sadly has never even used.

I don’t waste money of beautiful cot quilts, bumpers and pillows. My babies just sleep on a sheet. I traditionally wrap them for the first few weeks then I sleep them in a zip up swaddle and later progress to a sleeping bag. We had a beautiful silk cot quilt made in Cambodia for T, which he sadly has never even used.



The Owl Lamp and the Butterfly Light.  These are awesome, the lamp especially.  It changes to 16 colours and is operated by remote.  You can set the colour or do colour change.  It has a timer and a sleep function.  It gives of just the perfect amount of light for night feeds and nappy changes.  I have a Giraffe Lamp in T’s room.  I did not want any other night light, these, in my humblest Taco opinion are THE BESTEST.  They are from I Love Lights.  Huge Range.  I highly recommend!

Butterflies.  I bought these from Adairs Kids.  There were 4 sheets of butterflies in 3 sizes which I used to make the dingle dangle butterfly strings.  I just stuck the 3 butterfly sizes together and glued them onto curling ribbon.  I weighed them down with crystal beads.  I used the left over butterflies on the wall, door and her name.  Total cost – Butterflies were $10 and the crystals were $7.

Wall Stickers.  These were a splurge purchase from Cut and Paste Shop on Etsy.  I got these aqua and pink for H’s side of the room and I also have ready to put up some aqua and orange stickers in a more masculine pattern on T’s side of the window when the time comes.

Bunting.  Another Etsy purchase from A Bunting We Will Go.  Beautifully hand made and affordable.  $24 for 12 flags.  Definitely more than $24 worth of work in them I think.

Stuff from Ikea.  The owl wall picture was a gift from my mother for my baby sprinkle.  The cube storage unit was made possible by a very generous present of an Ikea gift card from a beautiful friend.  The pink storage boxes are from Bunnings – they have quite a range of coloured storage boxes for future reference, if you are ever looking for them.  Blanket covering the change table mat and the blanket covering the chair.  Cushions.

Oink Money Box.  We all have these.  D and I have a leopard patterned one,  K has a Millionaire in the Making pig, J has a purple spotty pig, T has a bumble bee and now H has the ladybird.  I love a good theme and I love things that match.  Now when family give Christmas and birthday money I have somewhere to put it.


Pig mat – a gift

Sheets – $10 a set from Target

If there is anything else that I have forgotten to list which is of interest, let me know.  Hopefully I’ll finish off that last section soon, but I kind of ran out of time and money 😦

Adventures in cloth nappies thus far.


As you probably know, I mean you would know if you are one of the unicorn awesomes that have been following my blog that I have been at a cross roads with my current nappying practice.  If you don’t already know, perhaps you are a noob to 4D&T (welcome, kisses to you), or perhaps you don’t really care – but you should, I’ll get you up to speed.  You can read about my battle with the stink fest and the rancid bin HERE.

I did it.  I got me some clothies.  I tried to do research on the different types but just found myself going around in circles and becoming overwhelmed by the choice.  I decided to go with some Cushie Tushies because a) they are cute, b) I saw them at the baby show recently and got to see them in action, c) they are cute, d) not too fiddly, e) good reviews, and did I mention they are cute?  I like the fact that they are all in one, so I don’t have to put a cover over them.  They are so soft and furry I just want to rub my face on his butt all day.


They arrived on Wednesday:

T and Crocodile inspect the merchandise.

Even though the idea of reusable wipes still grosses me out some, the thought of continuing to buy disposable wipes and filling that step pedal bin with the very smell which I am trying to eliminate, forced me to reconsider.  Luckily, with the solid food poos there is usually little mess left on the bum to wipe anyway.  Most of the time, but for the fact he is wearing a nappy and sitting in his own shit, those poos are practically ghosties.  Meaning, if he was sitting on the loo grunting out those little logs, they would plop out without leaving a trace.  Like a ghost.

I am doing the full kit and caboodle.  Cloth nappies and REUSABLE wipes.  Shock horror.  Methinks I am turning into a hippie.  I only got  6 for starters.  I need to attack this with a little bit of my smarts.  I have to be perfectly honest with myself.  I AM a lazy bitch.  There IS a good chance that I just won’t be able to disciple myself enough to make this work.  I had to fight the urge to splash out a million dollars on nappies that may not get their money’s worth of use.  So, 6 for starters.  I need to see if I like it.  I need to make sure these ones suit T’s butt, make sure they don’t leak and D can manage too.  Stay tuned for how I am doing so far later…


Step 1.  Soak those fluffies overnight.

Ready for the tub.

Step 2:  Dry them out in the sun.  You don’t need to see a picture of nappies in the sun.  Use your imagination.

Step 3:  Once dry, fold them up ready for use.

So that was yesterday, they dried while I went to work.  More on ‘Adventures in Relief Teaching’, coming soon in another post which is currently residing in my brain.  Today I didn’t work so I was all ready to trial my first day using cloth nappies.


He woke up all sad and hungry and desperate to get on my boob.  I decided to just chuck on a disposable so I could get him on the boob fast.  I thought I’d save the first one for when he was happier and able to put up with my fumbling around.  Remember, this is new for me, it’s going to take some time for me to get it right!

Time for the second change of the day.  I got everything ready and laid out.  I used the owl one first, just because it is the cutest.  It took me a few goes to get it on properly but T didn’t mind.  He was happy playing with an old Ventolin case of mine (No social services, the drug canister part wasn’t still in the inhaler).  T was able to sit and roll and do all the things he normally does and didn’t really seem to give a shit one way or another what was covering his butt.


He napped.  It didn’t leak.


One thing I noticed and this is probably because I am doing it wrong.  The flushable liner, when I went to change him was all bunched up.  Not too sure how well that would hold a sizable poo.  Also noticed that the urine smell is quite strong.  I guess with chuck-aways, the pee soaking crystals also neutralise the odour.  Good thing is the dirties disappear into the sealed, smell controlled, nappy bin in the laundry tub, leaving T’s room smelling like roses once more.

Here is T in nappy number 2 – Denim Colour:

See, no probs sitting up with the extra padding.

Can any experienced cloth nappy people please tell me if I have done it up right? Is this too loose? Will his doodle peek out and spray a fountain?


Nappy number 3 was the Heffalump pattern and it caught a little nugget in the liner.  I did have to do a little poo smear wipe with a reusable (eww), but then I just took it and the nappy to dump the turd into the loo and then pop the lot into the laundry tub!  I kid you not, it was easy!!!!  My first poo nappy!!!  I didn’t die or vomit or give up.  By this stage I am really beginning to like the whole cloth experience and even showed T’s fluffy butt off to a friend at lunch.  By this stage, I was really getting the hang of it.  The nappy is a great design, easy to use and fits so well around his legs.  They look so comfy, I am seriously contemplating asking Cushie Tushies to make me a bra and undies set in that fabric.  I’d roll around feeling my fluffies all day long, singing ‘I Touch Myself’, using my vibrator as a microphone.  Did I just say that, OUT LOUD?


Nappy number 4 was Tangerine, and I LOVE it so much.  Seriously, I could have licked it, it looked so yummy.  Even D managed to take that one off and get T ready for his bath.  He is cool with my new endeavour, and is all, ‘whatever you want’.  Love him.

I didn’t put one on for night time.  I am not ready for that yet.  I need to get used to them for days first and build up a trusting relationship with the nappies.  I need to know that they won’t let me down in my times of need (of sleep) and leak.  Trust takes time.

I’ve already rinsed them and hung them out.  Is it bad, and possibly a sign of things to come that I almost forgot to hang out the load?  My FIRST load?  I only remembered because I started this post and then went, ‘FUCK!  The nappies!’.  Almost fail.


Verdict so far.  Love it.


Downside – only have 6 nappies.  4 on the line at the moment which won’t be dry in time for the morning.  Might have to do a day on/day off arrangement until I can get some more.  I will push on with it and fill you in on my progress with all things cloth, poo and stench control.

Stay with me Peeps. Must share the awesomeness. Extemely happy with these photos!


Not too long ago I was the super lucky prize winner of a Facebook competition.  A good friend’s sister had started a Facebook page for her photography business and had held a competition to help increase flow to her page.  Winner would receive a photo shoot, up to 20 prints edited and ALL the originals on a CD.  Needless to say, as is the point of this post – I WON!

The lovely Tamika from Tree Pretty Photographics came to my house with all her equipment and set up a ‘studio’ in my lounge room.  She was super flexible and worked around T feeding and crying and K and J being dicks.  She was great at getting K and J to not act like door knobs, as they can be hopeless when a camera is around.  J pulls the most ridiculous ‘I’m trying to smile but just look like a gumby’ faces and K is the King of Stupid Poses.  Likewise, I am awkward around cameras too.  In retrospect, I would have been a hopeless model much to teenage me’s disgust.

What I didn’t want was unnatural stand here, stand there posed photos and Tamika did not disappoint.  Photos were natural and easy.  She was great with K and J and said thing like, ‘you don’t have to look like a total dork’, ‘OMG, what a couple of morons’, ‘come on numb nuts’ and ‘let’s try taking a few where you don’t look like you want to punch each other in the face’.  Perfect for a couple of prepubescent boys.

Here are a few of my favourites 🙂

She’ll make you look like your face is made of diamonds.

Chicken Pox? Strawberry spots? No problem! Zingety bing! Spots be gone! See J’s face for the proof.

Just hang one child from the ceiling for this shot.

T with his owl pal, Jude. I love the effect of the sun spots, like little fairies dancing on his face.

If you are as in love with Jude the Owl as we all are you can get your own from Owls as Pals.  These gorgeous creatures are hand stitched with love and individually made with your specifications to suit the personality of the recipient.  I sent Owls as Pals a couple of pics of T and a description of his personality and colours we like and she created Jude just for us.  They are cot buddies.

She’ll get you to do stupid shit like sing your favourite kids song. This is ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ complete with hand actions. Damn I look good!  And check out my ample bosom.

3 handsome little men.  Oh no!  T’s pants ate his foot!

Me and my doodles.

I am so so so happy to finally have a baby feet photo. If you have any special photo requirements she will do them. I wanted feet and bum – see below.

My Bear

Botty bot bot.

The jury is still out on the next photos.  I cannot decide if I like them or not.  I think I look goofy.  Do you like them?  Please be brutally honest.  I can take it.  Which one, if any do you like?
















Seriously, if you fancy getting some photos taken of your little ones, big ones, furry ones and you don’t fancy paying a gazillion dollars for pixie photo style, boring, cliche photos and you live in the Gold Coast/Brisbane area, do your self a favour and call Tamika from Tree Pretty Photographics.  Her rates are SUPER reasonable and she will come to you or any location you like, spend as long as it takes to do the shoot and make you laugh and feel comfortable in the process.  She regularly runs promotions from her Facebook page, in fact peeps, she is running one RIGHT NOW!

You might be wondering where the big doodle is.  Pretty sure I have already stated where he stands on having his photo taken.  He made damn sure he was ‘busy’ on the day and was nowhere to be seen.

The smell. Oh, the smell! Time to formulate a new plan methinks.


Solid food poos are stinking T’s room up to hell and back.  We have a small step-pedal bin that gets emptied daily, but even so, every time I drop a nappy in, poo or no poo, the stench of death is wafted around the room and dances all up under my grill.  It’s enough to make my nose bleed and eyes water, and a little tiny bit of vomit burn the back of my throat.  My gawd, it’s like something crawled up T’s butt and died and no amount of roses/geranium/lavender/jasmine air freshener is going to mask that shit.

I’ve been seriously thinking about it quite some time now and always dismissed it because of my tenancy to be a lazy bitch, but man, I can’t deal with the smell!  I’m talking about cloth nappies.  I am really, really, really, almost about to, really considering buying some.  Am I mad?  Here are my apprehensions.


1.  If I cannot find the bottom of the washing I already have in my clothes basket will I be able to cope with more?  I’m sure if I ever do make it to the bottom, I’ll find some sequined hot pants (so teeny weeny they will only fit up to my ankles) or a hypercolour t-shirt that has been stashed down there since the beginning of time.  T’s clothes are actually the only ones that get washed on a regular basis.  They are so cute I keep them separate and special.

This ‘could’ be my washing pile.


2.  He is already 7 months old, I’ve already spent a small fortune on nappies.  Is it really worth the huge expense to buy a set of cloths now?  The initial outlay will burn a massive hole in my pocket.  To really reap the savings cloth offer would I have been better off to use them from the start?


3.  Most of the pants T owns are too skinny on the bum to accommodate the extra bulk.  I’d have to buy him a heap of new clothes.  This could also be seen as a positive because it would be like a free pass to shop, and Mumma Bear loves to shop.  Those roomie pants are so darn cute!  Cuteness aside, new clothes add to the expense.


4.  It’s not just the cost of the nappies, but everything else!  Liners, washing detergent, wet bags, wipes, this, that, the other, and then probably even more stuff I’ll only discover I need once I start using them!


5.  They can be so adorable how could I ever choose which ones to get?  As a Libra, decisions overwhelm me.

I could die from the cuteness


6.  Are wipes flushable?  The whole point of this is to eliminate the smell, and save money and the environment and all that jazz, but really – get rid of the stink fest.  So I like the idea that now T does solid poos I can contain it all in a flushable liner and chuck it in the loo.  Good bye poo.  Hello sweet smelling bin.  But can you flush wipes as well?  Kind of defeats the purpose if you then need to put shitty wipes in the sweet smelling bin.  I know you can get reusable wipes but putting poo wipes in the washing machine kinda grosses me out.


7.  I’m time poor.  I’m lazy.  The last thing I want to do when I have finished doing all the crap I need to do is more work!


All that aside, I love how they look (pretty things make me happy) and summer will be upon us soon.  Nothing like a cute little tushie in a cute nappy running around.  OMG, I just realised T will be running around come summertime!  I would LOVE to save some dollars.  Then I would have an excuse to buy something for meeeeeeeee.  And something, not sure what it is, is compelling me to do this.  Maybe I really do want to make the world a better place.  So my kiddies and their kiddies can be free to frolic in the daisies and dance with the fairies in a pollution free planet.

How about a little cliche for you 🙂


I am so lost in the cloth nappy world.  Are all cloth nappies created equal?  What I don’t want to do is keep on researching this until T is 5 and go, ‘whoops, guess we won’t be needing these after all.  Darn it, could have saved a bundle.  You don’t really want to go to university do you T? The college fund is dry.’

Any tips, tricks, words of advice are welcome and much appreciated.  All this thinking has given me a massive headache.  Brain needs rest now.